Racial Disparities Already Taking Shape In Covid Vaccination Rates | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Racial Disparities Already Taking Shape In Covid Vaccination Rates | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow looks at how even though people of color suffer disproportionately more from Covid-19, vaccination statistics are already showing disproportionately fewer people of color being inoculated. Aired on 2/6/2021.
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Racial Disparities Already Taking Shape In Covid Vaccination Rates | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. In Pennsylvania, if you have internet access, you get 50 or 60 pharmacies in your area, none of which have vaccines or will register you for when they do get vaccines. If you call the number the internet gives you, they tell you all the appointments have been filled, no they cannot put you on a waiting list, but call back next week when they don’t expect to have any appointments then either.

    1. So, in addition to people of color being marginalized and oppressed communities, Dr Fauci actually outlined a few possible reasons for this, from a biological, environmental, and structural factors, and drawing on his experience in the late 80s:
      – culture/reduced trust in public officials
      – more likely to be employed in essential positions and/or residing in multi generational households that increased risk of transmission/contracting the virus
      – reduced access to community providers, less community outreach efforts to engage with members in underserved areas (more structural barriers)
      – higher rate of co-morbidity

      *Not specific to vaccines, but also overall risk. Obviously this isn’t comprehensive, but contribute to the grater risk of contracting covid and mortality

    2. I see Rachel’s next clip mentions some of these factors… I watched this one first; in retrospect, a tad redundant.

  2. brilliantly said and broken down, ty dr maddow. lots of us in that boat, but at least they are working on a plan for that in my state. hang in there everyone!

  3. Because our healthcare system is defined by the premise of mega profits for a few, healthcare resources are limited where incomes are low. We need clinics, hospitals, and other types of healthcare centers in every community across the nation. This is the basis of universal healthcare, everyone has local access across the nation. Universal broadband and tech access across the nation is also important for tele-healthcare resources.

    We all know this. Structuring healthcare for siphoning off mega profits for the benefit of a few is bad for us all.

  4. Why not create jobs for people by going house to house with internet or a huge bus with internet for people to come register on!??! not having a car or net cannot be a reason why dem voters die!!!

    1. I mean with the USD not losing value as much compared to if a developing country would do the same and what would happen to the value of their currency.

  5. Why not implement the idea of the Big Red Bus which is we all know is a mobile unit and they travel around their states and people can give blood or plasma why don’t we try something like that roll out mobile units to the more socioeconomically stressed areas why not try that idea I don’t know if it’s feasible probably not because of the refrigeration but there are some vaccines that don’t require refrigeration like that and I would imagine a blood unit like the Big Red Bus might have some Refrigeration units in it. I don’t know it’s just an idea that came to mind while you were talking Rachel.

  6. John Kerry is a fine example as to the proper demeanor of a man of the global reach, the aristocratic the hand out, of diplomatic class tribute. Bribes are for peasants, tribute is the golden touch of kings. Yes the DNC Biden compound Team, swimming in C.C.P. tribute money. You do not ‘firing squad’ an American king, a rightful collector of political class tribute.

  7. I’m not sure how they are doing it in the States, but in the UK right now only those at or over the age of 70 are getting the vaccine …. so these figures being shown here, are they for old people only? Or can anyone in America get the vaccine?

  8. No barriers here, I live in an apartment house for seniors. NOT ASSISTED LIVING, Just people 65 and up.
    We are white, black, brown…Latino AND Native American….Christian, Muslim, Atheist etc.
    Heck, ONE OF US that I know of is even Transgendered
    We all had a visit last week arranged by the property management company (Cassia Life) and we all got our first injections of the Pfizer Vaccine free of charge,
    No cost—no discrimination—barely an inconvenience.
    That’s Minneapolis, MN for ya.

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