Racism in Football | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 16 2021 1

Racism in Football | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 16 2021


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    1. u talk.against messi now he won his first title come on oral we need to hear from u now mr chatty mouth

  1. It’s kind of hard for me to feel sorry for them you know they’re multi-millionaires right you play the best game in the world and you get paid handsomely for it if you really want to stop quote and quote bigotry which I don’t really call it racism I call it bigotry you tell the next young English player that’s coming up do not play for England if they will not respect us play for Nigeria or Jamaica or wherever you’re for parents are from and that’s how you hurt them cuz when the best players won’t suit up because of the quote and quote racism problem then it becomes a money problem and that’s how you get them when it becomes a money problem it becomes problem to them other than that you’re just wasting air and you’re just doing the same thing we’ve been doing for generations complaining and whining why won’t they love us we should love ourselves

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