‘Racism Kills’: Chris Hayes On Biz Markie And The Life Expectancy Gap 1

‘Racism Kills’: Chris Hayes On Biz Markie And The Life Expectancy Gap


“It is worth noting that Black men get considerable less years on the planet than white men. When you are asked what structural racism means, that’s what it means,” says Chris Hayes. 
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  1. Can you imagine Chris Hayes cruising down the road smashing out MF DOOM.? Next thing you know he’s going to have CZARFACE on his program. HOLY COW.

    1. ღSwnsasyღ _ I’m not explaining jack to you woman, self analyze. Better yet explain how I’m a bigot since you know me so well

    2. ღSwnsasyღ _ there they go, there they go! Everything I start talking about boxing a white man go to pull Rocky Marciano out they a$$- Eddie Murphy

    3. @John Brown You have me so lost me right now.. Lol.. Anyways, you’re so funny, I needed that so thank you so much.. Omgosh I forgot about that from Coming to America!! See, you totally need to be up on stage doing comedy hon! Not even kidding.. You’re awesome, thanks again for the laugh and chuckles!!

    4. @John Brown Oh man! Forgot about him!! Loved me some big country! I actually just saw something about him wanting to get back into the game too!

    1. this is not journalism – it’s chris spouting his BS ideology, where every disparity must be a result of racism

    2. @Blake Jones I think he was saying this piece was a refreshing departure from real journalism, no? I mean, that’s the only thing that makes sense.

    3. A real journalist asked tucker carslon if hes been vaccinated and he did his typical silverspoon brat laugh. Hes laughing all the way to the bank and dropping his viewers off at the cemetery on the way.

    1. Who is that? I know once you say it in going to kick myself for not knowing.. UGHHH. Joyner Lucas, right?? Just mahjong sure cuz there are a couple in the game with that name.. Thanks for your help in advance love..

  2. Thank you for reporting on this! Awareness is important and now let’s do better and dismantle systemic racism

    1. @Klaus World tell us how he is doing that am no Biden fan but am curious to hear your answer…yall wait

  3. I love the story behind how Biz ended up singing the hook. He wasn’t supposed to but the real singers didn’t show up. Now it’s a classic track.

    1. Him singing the chorus definitely made the song and it’s why it became such a huge hit single not just with the hip-hop world.

    2. I was in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade I think. Graduated HS in 1997. 42 now. Time FLYS! Love that song! RIP BIZ! I’ll never forget that hook.

    1. Biz was a very rich person who lived a charmed life but died of diabetes but apparently the fake journalist says he died because of structural racism

    2. You numbskulls, he was not ONLY speaking about Biz Markie. Go take a nap & then watch it again..& you don’t know HOW RICH Biz was, if he even was rich at all, unless you are his spouse or accountant! Looks can be deceiving. As for diabetes, I really would like to know what the issue was with him, was it medication, his weight contributing to complications, not staying on top of checking blood sugar & not going to the doctor regularly, I wish that I knew, because Type 2 is supposed to be manageable.

    1. the traps of CRT.
      seeing a disparity and blaming it on racism.
      it is not different to feminists placing any disparity between men and women down to sexism

    2. @Blake JonesII if that’s you’re opinion, then you don’t have a good understanding of what crt is my dude. looking into how the system works against black folks to cause disparities like the life expectancy gap is what makes crt.

    3. @Blake JonesII it’s really nothing to do with feminism. Unfortunately some people need to further their own bitter agenda

    4. @n all sksk that’s pretty much what i just said. crt views disparities through the lens of ‘systemic racism’ – a terms which covers everything without meaning anything.

      there is a disparity between the life expectancy between white and black males….. the cause therefore must be systemic racism. this is exactly what chris hayes outlined to the viewers.

  4. Thank You Biz for the Beats of the Day: Yo Gabba Gabba was more special for my kids because of you… RIP and know that you won’t be forgotten as you were given to a new generation of children and always exuded positive energy.

  5. I couldn’t even watch anything about Biz Markie because this is the undercurrent. I saw the news of his death and it made me think about all the ppl in my family (two half siblings and two cousins) that have died before 55. My oldest siblings had classmates dropping in their late 40s and early 50s. I hate going home because somebody is always dying or my mom is always telling me about a classmate dying. Thanks for taking it to the blissfully and willfully ignorant masses, Chris. They still won’t care of believe it, but thanks for trying.

  6. What I would give to go back to that era in time, it was the best time to be alive in America especially compared to the Psychotic Times we live in.

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