1. @Sinister Minister No they’re just the gutless snowflakes sneaking around with their little knives and bats.

    1. Yes. Fascists from the right wing causing major problems in many peaceful protests, especially BLM protests. Well documented.

    1. concur – be of the same opinion; agree.
      Thanks for agreeing, you can concur all the time, if you want!!!

    1. I suppose you don’t believe in the (I’m not sure if the Antifa /BLM death count has gone up in the last day or so) 30 deaths directly attributable to the evil lefties of Antifa and BLM in the last couple months?
      If you are brainwashed enough to think that evil rioters /looters / murderers have some kind of point, you probably are beyond ever being considered a rational person….

  1. Hmmmmm. Confederate statue or Marxist/Leninist/Maoists who don’t believe in ANY KIND OF FREEDOM?

    If I was in Texas…

  2. There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way. Go to court and talk about the statue removal. Don’t go all in people’s faces and demand it.

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