1. @Andrew it is sad you don’t even know Fauci said those things perhaps if you stop watching only fake news you would know.

    2. @Rino Ponce it is sad that you keep repeating lies. He never said masks don’t work. You are a liar.

    3. @Rino Ponce early on we didn’t know that covid could be spread by asymptomatic people, so Fauci said that if you’re not sick there’s no need to wear a mask. That’s not saying that Masks don’t work.

      Here’s what he said on the chinese travel restrictions(there was no ban). He was right.

      “When it was focused only on China, we had a period of time, temporary, that we could do a travel restriction that prevented cases from coming into the U.S. When you have multiple countries involved, it’s very difficult to do; in fact, it’s almost impossible.”

    4. @Demetria Karnavas He is allowed to question “authority.” Its why I voted for him in the first place. The CDC is not the end all be all of science. There are other scientific institutions in the USA that has disagreed with Fauci. Stop putting these people on pedestals like they are infallible gods or something.

  1. Rand Paul again playing Dr Quack. Can we hire his neighbor to straighten him out? He needs a fresh one.

    1. Rand Paul probably makes all this noise to drown out his conscience? If he didn’t pretend to, “believe,” his own propaganda, he would have to admit to himself his role in an American genocide.

    2. Rand Paul challenged Dr Fauci narrative and is the reason Americans have gotten the freedom to not have to wear a mask if you are vaccinated. He fights for your rights and has even confronted Fauci for his funding of Wuhan Lab research in the years leading up to the release of Covid-19. Rand Paul is a true American Hero!!! I wonder why nobody on the Left in congress even bothers to ask any of these perfectly legitimate and extremely important questions??? Rand Paul understands that the only way to reduce the likeliness of the world having to face something like Covid-19 again, is to get to the bottom of how and why it happened in the first place.

    3. Biden should offer his neighbor a preemptive pardon to go teach him a lesson again. That neighbor is a true patriot.

    1. Orange Koolaid is a powerful psychotropic drug designed by the CIA after they determined LSD wasn’t effective at brain washing, only a groovy trip.

  2. It would be easier to take anything Randy Paul said if he owned a comb. He looks like that crazy person on the subway smearing “chocolate pudding” on the walls while screaming about the aliens infecting his brain.

    1. @niels lund yes, Boris couldn’t quite get his stylist to give him a proper Rachel so he asked for a trump as a second choice

  3. What a guy! I distinctly remember him contracting Covid himself in March 2020 after attending a social event and not bothering to isolate

    1. @Ash Roskell Second bout is DEADLY for those who have received the JAB.
      [That’s when the ferrets DIED and why it’s experimental.]

    2. Surprised he contracted covid, most people wouldn’t want to be seen within fifty yards of this lying lunatic.

  4. Rand Paul knows Kentuckians well. He knows that ignorance and hubris sells. That’s why he speaks like that. He is speaking to his constituents.

    1. He certified himself, too, after the field he is trained in Kentucky refused to recertify his licence.

  5. Well then, “Dr. Paul”, let’s just ban surgeons from wearing masks while performing operations on people.

    1. the surgeons can take the mask off when they are out riding their bikes in the mountains….. im fine with that, but CDC might not be

  6. All he has to do is take a look at Thailand or Vietnam or other country where mask-wearing is ingrained in the culture. When people think they might be sick there, they automatically wear a mask out of courtesy for other people. And look at the fatality rates in those countries.

    1. To be fair, Hanoi’s pollution’s awful. I’ve not been to Sacramento, but I’m willing to bet it’s not in Hanoi’s league. But OP also mentions Thailand. Last time I was on the beach in Ko Samui, there was no pollution. Oh, and I’m in Australia. We masked up & Corona never really made it here. Sydney & Melbourne are both cities of 5+ million people. We don’t all live out in the bush.

    2. @Wisconsin Man The reason, that people wear masks, does not counter the fact that, those populations that adopted mask wearing, early in the pandemic, did much better, than the populations that didn’t.

    3. @Wisconsin Man I grew up in California before catalytic converters were required, and lived a dozen years in LA. California’s emission control standards (those standards that Trump tried to undo) are the reason smog is not as severe as it used to be. Intelligent rules, like not polluting the air and water, and wearing masks during an airborne pandemic, improve the lives of citizens.

    4. @Deborah Freedman You simpleton. Trump never tried to undo anything that would make smog and air pollution worse. My God. Also, We are not in a PANDEMIC. Look up what justifies a Pandemic. Not to mention Flu season 2019-20 they were 38 Million cases of the Flu. @020-21, right at 2,000.

    5. @Deborah Freedman Oh really? Like America? Difference is, America we counted Heart Attacks, Strokes, Actual Flu, Pneumonia, Lower Respiratory deaths as WUHAN DEATHS.

    1. Here in Germany the rate of respiratory infections declined by 50% to 75% compared to previous years since social distancing and mask mandates are in place.
      Flu season 2020/21 simply did not happen at all. The “Sentinel” monitoring stations checking for airborne viruses did find influenza viruses in 0% (!) of the air samples.
      Most people I know did not even have a single cold within the last 15 months.
      Clearly these measures have no effect 🙂

    2. @Hermes75 and yet somehow the WUHAN just kept going huh? So how TF did mask help? It didn’t. All that happen was, they reclassed all those to Wuhan.

    3. @Wisconsin Man
      1. The corona virus is about three times as transmissible than the normal flu.
      Most people also have some level of immunity to the flu virus.
      Nobody had immunity to the novel corona virus.

      2. People do not wear masks all the time.
      A lot of infections resulted from private meetings between unmasked people or happened in places like nursing homes.

      3. No, there was nothing “reclassed”.
      Here in Germany corona and flu infections are tracked very systematically.
      There are precise tests to determine the type of virus and the symptoms of both deceases are very different.
      Medical examiners have performed autopsies on hundreds of people who were registered as corona deaths.
      They came to the conclusion that 85% definitely died because of the virus.
      The remaining cases were unclear because most victims were old and had one or more other preexisting conditions.

      So please, saves us your Fox News BS.
      This virus is very real and quite deadly.
      You can try to ignore it but it won´t ignore you.
      A leading virologist just put it blutly this way: You can get vaccinated against Corona or you will get by infection eventually.

  7. I know both Paul & Greene are each supposedly married.
    But wouldn’t they make a lovely couple?💘

  8. When Danny Kaye and Jerry Lee Lewis spawned a lovechild – it was bound to have cognitive issues.

  9. I wouldn’t trust Dr Paul to put a band aid on a leaky balloon, let alone take his medical advice.

    1. Well he is another of STrump troll who is so STUPID!! Of course masks make a difference and distance is just common sense

    1. @douglas johns try harder if you wanna troll. You guys who only listen to one man and everything else is a lie use this same projecting nonsense for about 4 years now. *yawn

  10. Well Dr Paul distancing and wearing masks definitely saved a lot of lives in Australia, and other smart counties, oh and our total lockdowns

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