1. Don’t worry, Graham is an over-boiled noodle. He’s only a warmonger today. Tomorrow? Who knows? I don’t. Graham doesn’t.
      Stay tuned.

  1. I don’t always agree with Senator Paul but on this point he’s spot on, I hope that he continues to seek answers to the questions surrounding the bombing

  2. It’s remarkable just how much sense Rand makes when he’s talking war powers. Almost like he’s familiar with the Constitution! Like he Actually read it! cheers

    1. If you really want to respect the Constitution, get rid of the “federal” reserve. Our country is owned by a private central bank, not the people. Article 1 section 10

    2. War powers was an ACT of Congress but nonetheless under the construction of the legislative branch under article 1

    3. @dlucas90 Hey there friend, seems like you got distracted and totally missed the topic of this conversation. It’s ok though, you’ll get ’em next time. Just remember to stay focused and if you don’t have any input on the subject being discussed, keep in mind that it’s ok to not say anything.

    1. @Fred P speaking about played out limp comebacks. How’s that Russian joke? And by joke I mean that gullible leftists were successfully baited for 3 years.

    2. Same old Iraq talking points. These republican terrorist and this neo fascist fucker trump are trying to lie us into another illegal war.

    1. About as much imminent threat as the Mexico border and the whole 36ft. of fence that was built a side the existing repaired fence. With the Trump name on it, the tax payers fence. Advertisement for trump. America’s money for personal gain!!

    1. @krokion I fear you are correct. If the Republicans had any sense, this would wake them up to the fact that all the other ways in which they have supported Trump, by defending him and covering up for him, no matter what he says or does (even when it is clearly unconstitutional and/or illegal), are all just as dangerous as this issue is. On all other issues, they have been perfectly comfortable with setting precedents that would remove their own power as members of Congress, which has always been a co-equal branch of government. Every time they give up that power, they are pushing us all closer on to the road to a fascist dictatorship. I fear this is just the one area where Libertarian dogma happens to diverge from Republican dogma.Once this is over, I fear they will just drop right back into their Republican marching orders.

    1. Same here man, same here. Anytime Rand Paul is usually on CNN its abhorrent but fortunately being anti-war is one thing he’s always stood by. Go libertarians……….I guess

  3. I’m actually agreeing with Rand on the Congress having the power to declare war. I never thought this day would come.

    1. @john poole no, they can try someone for a hate crime when they act on their words. The kkk and white nationalists spew words of hate all day, but that’s their right. Now, if they decide to take it to the next level with action, then it’s a hate crime.

    2. Trump did his duty to protect our service peeps and embassy. that so called general went there to cause trouble plain and simple.. Notice the turbin heads when attacking, and the way they stopped aggression asa Solomini was about to arrive.It SURELY was about to get much worse.

    3. 2Truth4Liberty, Trump has assassinated US citizens and chemically attacked US citizens. As for destroying the constitution, that’s fine as the Democrat president won’t be bound by it either.

    4. @john poole well if that’s the case then why didn’t trump and the WH follow the law of the constitution? Why didn’t they bother briefing all of congress, who has the authority to authorize a war powers act, given evidence was provided? They kept it secret, John. Congress authorizes and declairs war, or the killing of another foreign citizen, if they truly pose an immediate threat to the US or US interests. You don’t unilaterally make a move like that without notifying congress.

    5. john poole how do you know this? Did you speak directly to the man? Or are you just repeating another WMD lie?

  4. “Do not confuse dissent with disloyalty.” — Edward R. Murrow, during his fight with Joseph McCarthy

    Both sides should stick that in their pipes and smoke it.

    1. @Some Person Stop keeping score. It doesn’t matter. Is the thief who steals once a month better than the thief who steals once a week? Stop voting for both parties. Then things may actually change.

    2. Exactly. Just a bunch of fake outrage. This Rand Paul quote is all you need to know: “I don’t dislike President Trump. I’m gonna support him in his campaign.”

    3. @Derrick Martin : and then who would you have lead our country? Or no vote at all, and let the chips fall where they may, and let the “strong survive?” Is that the world you envision for us all?

    4. @MySecretMessages : that’s what I don’t understand, even as he makes sense about following the Constitution. Everyone seems to be so afraid of trump.

    1. @Jax S — this is a good description of graham. “I will do my best to explain. It is a mistake to think there is inconsistency between the McCain era And Trump Era. Graham is Essentially a pilot fish. They eat parasites and live off the detritus of larger fish. McCain was a noble shark who sustained his pilot fish.” Steve Schmidt on graham.

      Please support Graham’s challenger – Jaime Harrison.

    2. So true. McCain must be turning in his grave, what they are doing to the Country he served and suffered for.

    1. Baron was the fake name Trumps father used to write letters to newspapers. Then chump trump used it when he would call into radio shows. In other words trump named his baby boy the fake name both he and daddy dearest used. CREEPY

    2. ​@Carol McKee Also, not sure on the Smedley Butler reference. So tell me which wars are stupid?

    3. George Thompson that goes for the children imprisoned in cages right now that happened to be not born white. F&$k Trump’s spawn. He doesn’t care about anyone else’s or anyone else for that matter

  5. We know there’s a rumored “Trump Pee Tape,” but I wonder if there’s a “Lindsey Trans-Graham Tape!“ They have something on him!

    1. That’s a good one, “Lindsey trans -graham tape.”. I’m going to use that one. 1st time I’ve smiled all day.

    2. Yup, I think Putin has something on TransGrahm too.
      By the way, I absolutely love this new moniker for senator Graham, I will forever refer to him as such,, thanks. Transgrahm is officially sanctioned.

    1. funny I just heard the last guy say the exact phrase “remarkable restraint”. Guess that’s the phrase they’ve all agreed upon, so they don’t offend their voters. Orwellian indeed.

    2. @K Mauch Very astute catch. I noticed the same thing. 👀 Which makes one wonder if this is just another case of orchestrated fake outrage.

  6. When a U.S SENATOR Says that he hopes that this was an ISOLATED KILLING by the president just shows how far the Bar has dropped to be President! SMH

    1. then Prosecute the whole gang of thieves. Pufferfish Pompey, Big bad billy Barr, and Apple doll Moscow mitch

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