Rand Paul Ripped For Urging People To 'Resist' CDC 1

Rand Paul Ripped For Urging People To ‘Resist’ CDC

Charles Booker on Sen. Rand Paul promoting Covid disinformation: “He’s chasing conspiracies, he’s trying to find the boogey man, and he’s inciting lawlessness and fearmongering. And it’s going to cost us lives.”
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  1. Thomas Jefferson: the tree of liberty may have to bleed from time to to time. Could he have foreseen that which is coming? Mabye? Crazy? I don’t know but……

  2. A elderly Tustin man, who survived cancer twice, who every December transformed his garage into a miniature Christmas village to encourage food drive donations, who is remembered as one of the most kind and decent people of our time, a man I had the privilege of knowing, tragically died this year from Covid, and this piece of crap senator didn’t.

    1. @MaxxJ I got banned then unsuspended, but I’m honestly terrified, how many more ppl have died this year over 2018-19?

  3. 1:45 They can’t keep all of your kids home from school.

    I’m just imagining maskless parents pushing their kids out of the car in front of a locked school with no teachers or staff. “Teach yourself for the next eight hours! They can’t make you ALL go home!”

  4. Donnie is laughing all the way to his base. (He’s always said things one way to us and one way to them….. it’s just much more out in the open…. and it’s as if he’s still pres. He’s getting lots of attention and everybody is playing that clip of him. Why would he need to be pres when he’s still getting all this attention?)

    1. @Joshua James I looked it up signed by 7692 medical practitioners doesn’t say what kind of doctors they are or if they are even doctors and there is no telling if it’s correct or not.

  5. 06:20 “to cause division, to sow fear . . .”
    I wonder who benefits most from causing division and selling fear in the United States?
    Isn’t Moscow Mitch the other senator from Kentucky?

    1. @Holly -I agree. Our votes don’t really count. The electoral system is a POS. There shouldn’t be both electoral and popular. It should just be popular….PERIOD! I guess all we can do is keep voting our hearts and pray that the younger generations can sort this out. Won’t happen in my lifetime as I’m a senior but I’m still optimistic.

    2. Demoncrats are the racist ones! Do you agree with removing representation of people who fought for emancipation and abolishment of slavery? Praising criminals.. wake up! Learn your country’s history ( yes read) before the demonic politicians ( yes swamp creatures like some Republicans) steal your liberty!!

    3. @Adam Taylor And Lindsay. He was crying for funds right up to the election, then won handily. Hmmm..

    4. Correct. They both are vile despicable humans. The real shame in all this is that these hypocritical regressive politicians will probably survive this pandemic. Upside, large numbers of their voters won’t be here to vote them back into office.

    1. @Two Sheds Johnson – The fact you think Rand Paul is an intelligent, honest, truthful, patriot tells me all i need to know about you. I will give you credit for one thing. I will say you’re supremely confident in your staggering willful ignorance. So….you got that goin’ for ya.

    2. @Christopher Weise When judging politicians in DC, there’s no doubt in my mind he’s tops on the list of being “intelligent, honest, truthful, patriot”. Please…name me someone you would put above him…I’ll be waiting.

      EDITED: One more person actually…put Thomas Massie on that list as well.

    3. @Kenneth C Sorry…I don’t belong to any cult. Neither does Rand Paul…it’s a states rights issue, as it should be. Of course, the argument is that abortion kills an innocent victim that has no voice in the matter. Today, the vaccinated are known to get COVID and spread it as well. So, singling out the unvaccinated is not only absurd, it requires a level of ignorance that is astounding.

      But I digress…you’re deflecting. You obviously agree with MY BODY MY CHOICE…but mysteriously not in this case. Why is that? Please…enlighten me.

    1. I’m grateful for those who listen to actual scientists on issues of science and realize that politicians (Like Rand Paul) just tell people what they want to hear. Rand is pandering to his idiotic base.

    2. Says the blind sheep wearing cloth masks which have been proven to not be effective at stopping the spread of COVID lmao

  6. Any old mask will do, wrong yet that’s what this news will basically say. Slanted news,
    Plus the real science of natural immunity does prove most do real well.

  7. Dr. () Paul always looks like he is puckered up to stop something from entering his mouth. Maybe he’s practicing for prison!

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