Rand Paul Threatens Fauci With Criminal Referral After Heated Clash 1

Rand Paul Threatens Fauci With Criminal Referral After Heated Clash


Rand Paul is now threatening Dr. Fauci with a criminal referral after their heated clash during a Senate hearing. We discussed that and more with Ashley Parker and Sam Stein.
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    1. @daniel english I love how you kids are still making up survival rates LOL
      So you can justify your incompetency.

    2. @Diana let me ask you this brilliant person, why was dr. Fauci organization donating money to the Wuhan lab in China? Highly stupid as much of your Democratic party members and the Sheep who follow blindly are

    3. @Rep hard Ru Fauci is the head of an organization that provides funding to labs around the world for countless different reasons LOL

    1. @Bliss Bound He did his best with Rump as the president. Rump did his best to fragment and try to destroy our country. I do believe Russia has something on him. He is a criminal as many of you are. See, they are prosecuting you people now. They should add criminal stupidity to the charges and charge everyone that voted for trump. I was a repub but turned independent because my fellow repubs were just so stupid. It was like watching the early followers of Hitler. They cant think for themselves but blindly follow an evil person with destructive vision. Hey, just thought of something. Donald Rump really is thew great Satin of our world. Given a chance he and his followers can join the ranks of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Saddam Hussein.

    2. @mike briganti You have no idea what Marxism is about do you. PS You don’t need capitals. Sign of a weak mind.

    3. One wonders at how America can be united in Congress, when the constituency itself are so divided that they can’t see anything past party or political affiliation.

    4. Jordan needs to be censored! His continually interrupts others as they are speaking. He refuses to accept the voters preference.

  1. Old enough to remember when Senators were proud to be Senators and proud of the Senate and difference of opinion about policies were merely differences of opinion about policy, paid for by donors or not.

    1. @Victor Mason Are you old enough to remember the party switch? What party carries the confederate flag? What party carries torches and chants “Jews will not replace us? What party has been endorsed by David Duke (The former leader of the KKK)? Learn your history. The Democrats used to be conservative and the republicans were liberal! Look up The Southern Strategy and learn something!

    2. @Bravozulu Are you claiming that it is a Senator’s job to falsely claim that a grant that could not produce a virus that killed 4 million people produced that virus?

    3. @Claude LeBel Exactly where the issue should be….in court with charges press against Mr. Fauci. The one use which the FISA courts should had been used and it wasn’t. Shows you it is only for manipulation of the constitution.

    4. Ronald King …I’m sorry…Is it not best that those in greatest authority be compelled to answer any question pertaining to something as serious as a pandemic? Are you suggesting that Faucis indignation about being dis-believed takes precedence over getting him to answer. After all, this is a doctor who has suggested to not close the air corridor to China on January 26th 2020, the same doctor that said do not wear masks. The same doctor who said wear two…even three masks. The same doctor that said that the development of a vaccine would not be possible for 2-3 years. The same doctor that authorized third parties in the US to provide funding for gain of function research in Wuhan. So yeah..I think the good doctor has earned the right to face a few questions that may not be fully to his liking.

    5. @Bravozulu *scratches his head* You missed the exact point I made. The Senator claimed that the grant killed 4 million people. That grant could not have produced this pandemic as those diseases do not have genetic make-up that are similar to SARS-CoV-2, and there is no other novel disease that killed 4 million people. The Senator lied, and you think he scored a point.
      “Sir, you created a child from these two people and 20 people died.”

      “But, the child that was made was not the one that killed 20 people. I know because the parents of the child could not produce the 23 chromosomes of the person at the crime scene.”
      I hope you didn’t mind me distilling the scenario, and if you really want to start thinking about it, even if a disease were created that escaped, you’re claiming the Trump administration was not competent to actually stop a disease with a single source, and that had the ability to increase its transmission this much, and the Republicans are claiming that with that baseline that they are competent enough to deal with an animal population that is adjacent to humans, which is zoonotic. You really do not inspire confidence in actually stopping research into virus lineages.

    1. @Edin Aga Agic god you conservatives are pathetic. It’s sad how obsessed you are with your lies. What exactly did Obama have to do with covid?

    2. @darena12 god you conservatives are pathetic. the way you rush to Obama’s defense as if he is anywhere to the Left of George Bush.

  2. We should make members of Congress accountable for perjury while in session and not only people who testify before Congress.

    1. @Pat Doyle Fauci started out in arts degree which morphed into medicine. He graduated in 1966 then completed a 2 year residency and joined the NIH in 1968. He has been in the bureaucracy since then. He was described by Kary Mullis as a know nothing and from my experience of career bureaucrats I’d wager that description is accurate. They are some of the dumbest, least courageous and least innovative people on the planet who hide behind committees and working groups.
      What’s more in sparring with Rand Paul his arguments became convoluted and semantic- a sure sign that a lie is being told.

    2. @Pat Doyle Fauci has never led in any field let alone virology. He is a career bureaucrat and left medicine in 1968.

    3. In theory I might agree, but in practice the effect would be to shut down free and open debate and inquiry- and there’s already too much of that happening.
      But in the case here what perjury by a congressman are you referring to?

    4. @Pat Doyle You people need to pull your heads out of Fauci’s behind. He is not the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who knows virology. I’m sure most folks in the medical field have some knowledge of microbiology. Classes didn’t cease after Faucu graduated. There arevTONS OF OTHER EXPERTS who disagree with st Faucu. You people are ridiculous.

    5. @Pat Doyle Did you get this crap from Google? Not impressed. Fauci is a LIAR. He has a PhD in that.

  3. Why don’t we hold Congress/ Senate be held to a higher standard. Let’s make Congress Lying a crime as well!!!

    1. That should go without saying that Congress should not lie, either to each other or the people. How tragic that it isn’t the case.

    2. Spend 30 minutes to watch the full series of senate hearings interactions between Fauci and Paul.

      Paul is trying to understand why NIH funded gain of function research in China while not classifying the research as gain of function research because Obama made it illegal at the time.

      Fauci knows full well the funded research was gain of function yet he is using the NIH classification of the study as a legal shield.

      We need to understand why NIH made that funding and who misclassified the research and why Fauci is misleading Congres.

      Why CNN and MSNBC are not being transparent about this issue is hard to understand.

      It is important to understand why NIH was funding gain of function research when it was illegal. Someone at NIH could be going to jail.

    3. Lock them all up you see people voted those clowns in the Senate and Congress that’s why you get rid of them but voting them
      Out is the only way to get rid of trash

    4. @T. R. Campbell How entrenched is Fauci? When was his last election by the people? He is the “Deep State”.

    5. @Renaissance Now He is a physician and adviser to the president. He is Director of the US national Institute for allergy and infectious diseases. He has been in that position for over 30 years, One of the main concerns is that he distributes millions of federal dollars to researchers. Any researcher who might oppose Fauci could never get a research project funded again. It is a very powerful position.
      I believe today Senator Paul referred Fauci for prosecution to the US justice department. I believe Paul gave him the opportunity to modify some statements that he made under oath in the past and he refused, whisking to get into a semantic game. Anyway, Paul referred him to the US justice department for prosecution.
      I think he is becoming a liability now to Joe and his administration and will soon be relieved.

  4. It is truly sad to see who is in Washington to so call represent the people.What is even sader is the mind set of the people who send them to Washington.

  5. He should have just said;

    “I don’t recall.”
    I mean it worked well for Jeff Sessions, Bill Barr, Brett Kavanagh….

    1. @chafeeracin611 Seems to be working for a lot of Rep Senators about Jan 6th.
      68? I’ll raise you nearly 20,000 from our last President too.

      But hey, I’m sure you don’t want to split hairs. Nor, cells….

    2. And William Jefferson Clinton and his Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas in July, Hillary. They all do it

    1. @Yes Man don’t act a fool you know whom he meant the same EVIL animals from the 1/6th insurrection along with Satan-trump himself.

    1. @Leeanne Bishop : yeah, he should go back to being the worst ophthalmologist. He would have never made in politics if it wasn’t for his father…

  6. Which school did Senator and “supposedly Doctor” Rand Paul graduated from? I want to make sure our community Vet did not graduate from there.

    1. Duke medical school. Interesting how none of you care this man funded the lab that created the virus you’re so fearful of that you’ll destroy the country for safety.

    2. @Rhia They named a medical school after a dog? No wonder somebody was thinking about their community veterinarian.

  7. So let me get this straight Rand Paul is accusing someone of lying, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

    1. That’s the game they say the truth through people who lie so you stay confused it’s been used for thousands of years we’ve gotten pretty good at it

    2. But both have lied of course. Wuhan had a lab called the Corona virus lab in wuhan lololol. But whatever. The states couldn’t hold the labs because it was illegal so the states gave it to China. But whatever It’s all good

  8. ”Do no harm” is only one of the oaths violated by this member of the senate from Kentucky. His idiocy is consistent though.

    1. Um it had nothing to do witH trump you fake news watcher! They frame tHe stories like trUmp did something, but dems got nothing on Trump

  9. How about a criminal referral for almost all the idiots in DC with a little “R” after their name.
    I’d give Liz Cheney and that other guy a pass.

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