Rand Paul's 'Incredibly Dangerous' Remarks On Covid And Kids 1

Rand Paul’s ‘Incredibly Dangerous’ Remarks On Covid And Kids

Dr. Kavita Patel reacts to Sen. Rand Paul's false statement that children are at no greater risk from Covid than they are from the seasonal flu.
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  1. Our country is truly divided and probably won’t ever come together .At least in any of our lifetimes .

    1. It’s a free country. I’m free to get you off my property if you’re gross. You’re free to be gross with other gross people who hate ouchie shots and scary masks made of cotton.

  2. remember the rights given to a women’s body

    no shot
    my body!!

    so the law said women who want the rights to their own bodies

    does not have a standing now

    so the law protects to have abortions
    will protect people who do not want the vaccine in their body

    1. Why? Maybe if you were a sane person, and not in a cult. You are a person that I’m betting had no problem with, or at the minimum were indifferent to, the CDC before the pandemic. Because an overweight cheeto made it all political and demonized the CDC because they didn’t do what he wanted to, and cared more about Wall Street than human lives.

      Or is it the conspiracy/reality paradigm, where it’s too scary or boring to just admit there’s nothing to it more that a horrible pandemic sweeping the world, so it must be something sinister at the hands of evil and corrupt politician and the elite, behind the curtains pulling the strings…lol. Either way, it’s sad.

    2. @Sυиѕнуи· ·Яƒƒ because they have gone back and forth so many times on these guidelines there is no reason to be pushing masks on people again just like it’s a person’s choice to not get the vaccine especially since there are many complications from the experimental vaccine.

  3. Rand Paul smartest man out there compared to Dr Falsi. Thank you for standing up against these tyrannist Mr Paul.

    1. @ben dover you are very confused. Died FROM and died WITH were listed in the same category to boost numbers. Sorry to burst your noneducated bubble

  4. In summer 2020 trump said “children are almost immuned to covid”, social media removed trump misinformation and banned trump, Now Youtube suspends Rand Paul for similar misinformation- Birds of same feather flock together

  5. Natural immunity
    Unstudied Vaccine side effects
    Not dangerous
    No one should have a choice.
    Ok MSM
    I got you and I fully understand who you work for.

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