Randi Weingarten: ‘Teachers Understand The Importance Of In-School Learning’ | Deadline | MSNBC 1

Randi Weingarten: ‘Teachers Understand The Importance Of In-School Learning’ | Deadline | MSNBC


American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss President Biden’s most direct message yet on his goal to reopen schools, and the importance of good ventilation in school buildings to combat the spread of covid. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Randi Weingarten: ‘Teachers Understand The Importance Of In-School Learning’ | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. This is why they should shift to VR. In a VR environment, its even better then in person due to all the extremely useful programs and apps as teachers tools. You can I a drop of a hat, show students any location just as if they were there.

    1. That would be fantastic, but that’s waaaaaay beyond what we can do right now, except in the richest areas. I live a rural part of TN where over half the student body qualifies for either free or reduced meals when school is in session. There are still parts of my county where people have zero internet service, zero cell service, and zero satellite service; when those people get home, they basically drop off the digital map. Virtual school has been a real struggle for everybody doing it here, and in-person sees a frightening of both students and teachers not practicing social distancing, not wearing masks, etc.

  2. 40 bill on schools IF $ actually gets used for this AND contractors are reasonable—not robbing us all bc it’s a government contract. We just don’t trust where the money goes. Transparency especially after T*** is necessary to bring trust in government.

  3. It is staggering that we do not have 100% 21st century infrastructure and teachers for all schools in the USA. It is staggering that we create vast pockets of poverty in this country and then go “too bad so sad you are poor and can’t afford proper schools its your own fault and problem.”

  4. How about we prioritize education so people have basic character judgement skills and can distinguish fact from opinion. There’s an idea.

  5. I need to go back to school and do their job. Ever since this pandemic we have had people working and businesses ranging from grocery stores, hardware stores, lawyers offices, insurance companies mechanics, welders, machinist and big box stores. These people go to work every day. Teachers need to get back into school now. So-called distant learning has been devastating for students particularly nursery students income students. America is being dumb down in these teachers don’t wanna go back into class. Joe made a campaign promise to open schools in these teachers are standing in the way of him for filling his promise to Americans.

  6. Teachers unions have single handedly destroyed the lives of millions of children – they should be ashamed and their members fired

  7. I wonded just how much see knows and teaches Socalled black kids their Actual History. Teaching Them About Their Ancestors And Leaders Correctly. Teaching Them How To Become Independent Owners Of Businesses- Teaching Them About This Pale Racist And Prejudice Socalled Crimjnal Justice Systems?

  8. No one knows how much kids miss the classroom than Teachers!!!!!!!!!! We see it every day- what we could do for them….

  9. I was confused when the administration said they planned to reopen schools in 100 days. I’m in Florida and we’ve been open all year. Are all of the other states closed? I know Governor Desantis has made it a priority to vaccinate his rich donors in Manatee county but I haven’t heard anything about him trying to get vaccinations for teachers.

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