Raphael Warnock gives first interview after projected Senate win 1

Raphael Warnock gives first interview after projected Senate win


Georgia Senator-elect Raphael Warnock speaks with CNN's John Berman after the network has projected him the winner over Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler.
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    1. @Scott Hotch ex wife. You think the ex cares about your reputation? No, the police support said there was no injury whatsoever. I wonder how much she got paid by her 500 million net worth opponent

    1. @A Grumpy Old Man Yeah you’re on the side of pardoning psychopaths like the Blackwater monsters. That the kind of freedom you speak of?

    1. @Isaac Mirage Boy, you do have a death wish! Enjoy living in socialism when it hits. Having immigrated from a socialist country, you WILL NOT get what you’ve been promised…you’ve been lied to… hopefully your life doesn’t go too badly before you become “woke”!

    1. @Your Friendly Neighborhood Lawbringer i believe Trump is satisfied to have just one more than Biden. “Fellas, I need 11,780 votes.” Trump

    1. @Jeanne Lesinski According yo demoncrats we are not entitled to our opinion. What do you think cancel Culture is?

    2. @Larry Adams You put words in my mouth that are not mine. What do you call that? Just because I disagree does not mean I think you are not entitled to an opinion. I just ask that when making an argument, you should support it with facts because you can’t make a good argument without facts. If you don’t have facts to back up a point and call names instead, then you are not being very persuasive. If you want to just make noise rather than win someone to your point of view, you may be wasting everyone’s time. But if you are satisfied with making noise, then I have nothing more to say about your comments.

    3. @Larry Adams just keep talking buddy keeeep talking. There’s no way you can incriminate yourself even more.

    4. @Nathan Shaw Ohh Noo ! Am i committing Treason ? Will i be prosecuted ? Will i be canceled? Are you outraged? LMFAOO LMFAOO. Go sit in the corner and wait till i call you Pumpkin..

    1. Agreed. I’m happy we finally flipped Georgia blue, but Loefler and Perdue are some of the most corrupt senators. They should’ve lost by way more.

    2. I can. Nobody goes out and votes. It’s always 40% of the population. More people need to stand up and make their voice heard. Fucking cowards man…

    1. You’re kidding, right? They GO to be Senators in order to GET WEALTHY! Name one Senator that isn’t rich, or getting rich very quickly ,regardless of party affiliation. They go to get rich, get their family rich, NOT because they want to help us the people. They USE us the people to get to DC, then it’s “thank you, I’m off to get rich now and hope I have good lawyers to help me from getting caught”.

  1. I live in public housing I must say this guy’s a true symbol of you can make it if you just try much respect to him

  2. The republicans did this to themselves. People of Georgia, and the entire country deserve new leadership seeing as how monumentally horrific it was during Covid.

    1. Well if that’s you’re theory, then what do you think of NY, California and they’re handling of covid, Cuomo should be sent to prison

    1. Yeup. They purged at least 198,000 voters for supposedly changing their address when those LEGAL voters had been living in their Georgia homes for 10 to 30 years or more.

    2. Exactly what I believe and that is the real reason why they are apoplectic with rage they can’t believe that they still lost, in spite, of their cheating. UK

    1. Speaking of the creepy old pervert, what is the major difference between a bean and a chickpea?

      The major difference between a bean and a chickpea is of course that Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin doesn’t own a video of Donald John Trump watching a bean.

    2. February 11, 2020, I quote Donald John Trump letter to letter:
      “The Corona virus will go away once the weather warms up in April, it will be like a miracle.”
      January 6, 2021, the Covid-19 death toll in the US reached 369,989.

  3. 10:44 AM – With 99.92% of the votes counted, Ossoff has jumped to a 17,000 lead. He is the winner! I live in Georgia.

    1. @FirstName LastName Your are excatly the type of person in WHY Independents voted blue this election. And believe it or not WE made the difference. Now you can suck on this !!!!!

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