1. I think everyone wishes for a better outcome, but realistically we should be grateful we saved as many as we did.

    1. @Shawn Dejong we also have to deal with regional allies, international laws and launching an invasion to secure a continued evacuation. Simple solutions don’t always work for complex problems.

    1. @Real All d Way – RAW The politicians. They are the ones making all the decisions. I did two tours of duty in Afghanistan although that didn’t help anything. There isn’t much I can do as a private citizen but write letters to politicians and sign petitions but I have done the minuscule bit that is possible.
      What have you done big mouth?

  2. Meanwhile, Almost Justin Time out on the stump:
    “AfghanaWHAT? … Oh, THAT old thing!
    Look over here, instead Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you even SUNNIER ways!”
    (p.s. Dunkirk was the biggest military evacuation in history.)

    1. You mean the government and all its beuracrats are completely out of touch and dont understand on the ground realities *shocked*

  3. We had more then a year’s notice that this was going to happen. There is no excuse for not getting everybody out. Shameful.

  4. As usual, Canada talks the talk but delays walking the walk until it’s too late. “Oh well, they are just afgans” – what our political leaders seem to be thinking while preparing for an election.

  5. Being an army brat,( my dad served for 20 odd years with the Canadian Armed Forces), I just want to say thank you for doing all you could under the circumstances with an inept Prime Minister at the helm. Please don’t call the Taliban “BROTHERS” like Monsef did!!! By the way, she lied about her birth place…why is she still sitting in Parliament?…oh yeah…that’s right…sock-boy has her back!

    1. Also, Bravo Zulu to the RCAF and our troops for doing their best in impossible circumstances.
      Got any complaints? VOTE !!

  6. Shame on Canada ….I’m ashamed to say I live in Canada / The PM had all the time in the world to get everyone out / The PM has a lot of blood on his hands .. Canadians must vote to have the PM removed on Sept 20th //

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