1. She is an amazing person. Whitty, intelligent, beautiful an an heck of a football player. (Football is played with your feet LOL).

    1. @Richard T what do they have to do with this post? It’s about soccer do neither one of them play soccer? Are you so bad off you have to deflect

    1. Kenny Lane: do jou have a problem with Dutch people? I am Dutch too. Do you know dutch people personal?

    2. I agree that they won fair, …. however …. the VAR really ruins the game. And with woman football its worse

    3. Same here and I’m French ! Rapinoe scored two goals against our team but I really admire her, as a football player and as a woman.

  2. I don’t think America understands how big a deal it is to win a World cup .. These women never lost or drew a single game
    That is fucking amazing

    1. 100% stupid, and NOBODY cares about women’s sports, at all, any women’s sport not just soccer, which is nothing in the U.S. even for men , forever

    2. Dorian Shades of gray Yea cuz it looks fantastic for a bunch of adult bench warmers to destroy a team of middle schoolers 🤡🤡🤡

    3. EcchiDragon 80 Oh like Autos airplanes open heart sugary sweet polio vaccine and many others computers computer chip, cell phones internet Facebook YouTube whewwe I’m tired. Light bulbs, televisions all invented here and blues jazz rock and roll music lol you’re nuts mr hahaha

    4. @Milagros B. Did you mean “deflecting”?
      Since, you know, I’m not made up of an material that returns lightwaves at an rate approaching equal to its input XD

  3. Megan your a fantastic ambassador of your sport and a heck of a role model. Thank you for everything!

    1. Kyle Lindgren lol she’s a HUGE embarrassment to the USA! Lemme guess… you live in California? Lmao

    2. @Kevin K who could be more arrogant than baseball,basketball,football,golf,tennis players. Let us not forget race car drivers and boxers,Wrestlers,etc.

  4. Congratulations to U S Soccer play
    Yeah stand up for the Real U .S..A. Way to go
    Well spoken

  5. I would not go to a women’s groper to put myself on a silber plate, get humiliated and get stuffed with hamberders.

    1. Love it?
      It was all hate
      Trump is an amazing president
      And gas done more for people then the past 4 presidents combined!
      Stand up for the National Anthem

    1. Julian Blackwell she’s a delusional about reality, purple haired dyke. Nothing to look up to. You’re sad

    2. Julian Blackwell extraordinary athlete, her stamina and leadership are great. However I don’t think someone who doesn’t Stand for her national anthem is a person to look up to. It’s her country. Her country. She should know better. She’s though without a doubt an excepcional soccer player


  7. Me and every nation that understands the spirit of soccer, congratulate you, you and your team has done well..

    1. @Green Eyes You don’t get it. Since ‘football’s’ inception at the United Grand Lodge of England [19th-Century CE,] any applicable ‘sport’ is ‘football.’ Some have ‘dribbling’ rules (soccer/basketball,) and some not (rugby.) I don’t care what you call it personally. It was a joke

  8. Congrats to the whole team and YES !! to EQUAL PAY !! … Agree with most of what Megan said BUT how are you going to have “substantive conversations” with those “who believe in the same things you believe in” …? We need civil conversations between those who DON’T agree with each other, as much or MORE, otherwise you are just firing up your base but nothing substantive will happen. Agree with the team’s stance on boycotting the white house but I doubt they will be invited. Hope she will compete in 2020. Maybe Cooper can try out for the team.

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