1. Tomaj is one of the bravest Iranian rappers, who fearlessly rebuked the regime authorities in his music, and now he’s in danger of execution. The world needs to hear about his courage. Thank you CNN for covering his arrest.

    1. The last western backed government got 14% of their own oil sales😂😂If you call people who support that brave I don’t want to be brave. He is a puppet and most likely a kurd

    1. Insha’Allah we’ll export Sharia law to US soil before they export democracy to Iran,iraq and Afghanistan won’t happen happen again but in DC and Tallahassee.
      freedom for US .

    1. @Gamma a lesson about religious extremists in power is relevant everywhere. The world is not a series of bubbles.

    2. We don’t have that here in America. That’s a lie the way things are going today. White Christians literally using the Bible to oppress women and their right to choose. They r using religion to make laws. Using religion and forcing their beliefs on the masses. So there is no separation of church and states currently in this country

  2. Thanks for echoing Iranian’s voice. Living outside of Iran and hearing and watching that brutally violent from the regime is quite upsetting, but I am happy to see Iranian’s people are not left alone and the world are listening their voices. Thanks

    1. آب و هوای آلبانی چطوره؟ زمستانی سخت در پیش روست، گرم لباس بپوش

  3. Unreal. Good for the people, though many will die because of this. New generations, they aren’t like back in the day and they want change. So you speak your voice and can get the death penalty. Who wants to live in a place like that. Take over the higher officials, there are many more people than what is in the government. You can do it!

  4. He is a brave man, never stayed quiet and always supported his people! World should know about his story!

    1. That’s is correct at least one man said the truth here and for you to understand better I am letting you know that we Iranian Paid for the freedom by more then 300.000 lives and we are free for 44 years now. how ever still Satan large and small trying to take the freedom from us but I have my middle finger for them

    2. ​@K S Iranians are NOT free.. clearly from these protests , senseless jail sentences and deaths Just lik3 Russians . ..free to peave the country

  5. The death penalty needs to be abolished in general, but especially for simply criticism. That dictatorship won’t last long with laws like that.

    1. I’m afraid it goes hand-in-hand with dictatorships.
      Strength to the people of Iran, may they break the yoke of oppression.

    2. @raha dt What about the Iran they used to be? A secular Islamic democracy where women wore what they wanted, and no morality police existed!

    3. In the last 6 weeks of protests the regime has shot more than 40 children dead with live ammunition, with some of those children being as young as 10.

      I disagree with you – the death penalty should not be abolished, it should merely be judiciously applied.

  6. He may be a prophet….the world wants to know about him! His music and his life…thank you for this story…we need you to follow this through on it

  7. The victory is near, these brave Iranian people are fighting for freedom and changing this murderer regime! WAKE UP WORLD. SUPPORT IRANIAN PEOPLE.

  8. There has NEVER been a revolution lead by young girls seeking the most basic human rights like the one we are witnessing in Iran. Iranian school girls – mostly born after 2000 – are going in front of heavily armed revolutionary guards who don’t hesitate to beat unarmed civilians to death with clubs or shoot them using snipers from roof tops. A world free of Islamic Republic regime is a far better place for all citizens of the world. Selling unsophisticated cheap drones to Putin to kill civilians in Ukraine. Killing innocent civilians is standard operating procedure for the Iranian regime. THANK YOU CNN for this report. Hopefully the world will stand behind Iranian people with tangible support as they did with Ukraine. This has not been the case so far. Empty condemnation is all we got. US and EU have generally been watching to see if Iran can crush this uprising so that they can finally sign that nuclear deal. That ain’t going to happen. This fire can’t be put out. US and EU be on the right side of history. #womanlifefreedom

  9. The American people salute Toomaj and all of the incredibly brave Iranian Freedom Fighters. Respect. ✊️🇮🇷 🇺🇲🗽

    1. If the Americans really supported us they would, for starters, remove that parasite emblem on the flag emoji you just posted and change it to something that accurately represents what the peace loving overwhelming majority of Iranians want, and it still wouldn’t even be the bare minimum of what America could really do.

      If the world really cared about Iranians, the first thing they would have done five weeks ago would have been to summarily refuse to recognize the current regime inside Iran as nothing more than a blatant terrorist organization and not a legitimate government that faithfully represented the Iranian people.

    2. Insha’Allah we’ll export Sharia law to US soil before they export democracy to Iran,iraq and Afghanistan won’t happen happen again but in DC and Tallahassee.
      freedom for US .
      we’ll revenge 9/11 from US regime,we love American people.

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