Rapper Takeoff from Migos trio shot and killed in Houston | USA TODAY


    1. I been crying and I really don’t know how to hold back this tears. Most people fail to realize there’s more to music, than criticizing trap Music. RIP Takeoff. You’d always be at heart.

  1. I grew up homeless and I’m now dying alone. I have no government, family or friends still human not a troll… I did it right!… FYI… I never Voted in my life and I will be dying poor. Living out of my backpack hiking the Appalachian Trail I can still remember myself saying “Life doesn’t get any better than this”. Rapture (nuclear Armageddon) is right around the corner and I’m one of the very few people living today that still get to die having a soul. How did I get so lucky?

  2. When will people learn.. The music industry and Hollywood are the Devil’s playground, and he demands sacrifices💯

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