1. Yeaaa we all get to go home to a waiter making us food in our half a million dollar home hahaa stupid peasents….

    1. @Mike Smith, your school has apparently failed you as badly in civics as it has in literacy. The House of Representatives impeached Trump, and now it is up to the Senate to try the case. No matter what the outcome of the trial may be, it will not and can not ever change the fact that Trump was impeached.

      If the Senate votes to acquit, then that means Trump was impeached, then acquitted. If the Senate votes to remove him (not likely, sure), then Trump will have been impeached AND removed from office. Either way, Trump is, and always will be, an impeached president. Nothing that happens in the Senate (or anywhere else) will ever change that fact.

    2. Lefties fell for russiagate for 3 years.
      And they think they’re smart?

      Anyone with an IQ above a dog can tell this impeachment is going nowhere also.

      The left has gotten too gullible and stupid to take seriously.

    3. @Mike Smith if you think that illegal aliens can vote and really persuade that much your country you and you country are lost

  2. When are people going to rise up and say “enough is enough”? When will anyone be willing to defend themselves from these “people” that use them like a resource and lie to them as if the were children? Perhaps never.

  3. Courage,,morals, impartiality, integrity, honesty, country before party are all alien concepts to republicans.

    1. @Akela DeWolf what can be more irrelevant than a bunch of corrupt and bought jobsworth who pay homage to a criminal.

  4. People need to barrage Congress (House and Senate) to show courage, do the right thing, hear witnesses, see documents.

    1. @Bob Bart and today the democrats brougbt up the bidens alot.so obviously their relevant to the case.involving trump

    2. @Dawud R. If hunter is proven to be corrupt like common sense tells me he is..then trump had every reason to want him investigated.and no need for cursing or name calling.and if trump told russia to wait after the election when hed have more flexibility youd want him to be impeached.or if putin got 20 percent of our uranium under trumps watch. Or fast or furios .or the irs only goin after leberal super pac groups and theirs more.

    1. Rep. Stefanik proceeded to hammer this point. “For the millions of Americans watching, President Obama’s own State Department was so concerned about potential conflicts of interest from Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma that they raised it themselves while prepping this wonderful ambassador nominee before her confirmation,” Stefanik said. “And yet our Democratic colleagues and chairman of this committee cry foul when we dare ask the same question that the Obama State Department was so concerned about.”

    2. F1Partisan not a lie, but the title was intentionally written to mislead(click bait), however contextually it still kind of fits the video so we can’t say a lie.

    3. Fredo baited us. Bipartisanship is dead in America. I clicked the bait hoping to hear something about an agreement.

  5. It just makes me want to walk over to the WH lawyers table and crouch down eye to eye and ask quietly and
    earnestly “ what is wrong with you ? “. What happened to you ? Where is your outrage ?

    1. right on! i have played such scenes out in my head over the past 3 years over and over. “what the hell has happened to you–i want to know!” i am right with you.

    2. They are not allowed to speak yet. The Dems have 24 hours to present their case (and I use that term loosely) and the GOP cannot do anything. But then the GOP get their chance. They will rip the up!

    1. Bev Sputler most people who advocate term limits haven’t thought about it enough…. all that would change is how senators and representatives are bribed… they’d just get offered cushy jobs somewhere. Also, you’re assuming that being a congressman has no learning curve. Bad political take.

    2. 20 year maximum government career. Long enough to learn and then get things done. Then you must leave – your government career is over.

    3. I’d say get rid of political parties. Obviously, all it does is dividing the country.
      On the other hand, i believe having to learn about a candidate’s political background/career through their years of service empowers voters with their decision making.

    1. @Mr Jones It doesn’t matter anymore. The left has lost the center to the right. The majority of people are against the cause. It’s over, we lose.

    2. Trump would better fit that role, he can actually say he is the senate because Mitch said he’s cooperating with trump

  6. The standing ovation was for the pages ending their term. And not in anyway related to the impeachment trial! Clickbait titles sucks.

  7. “Hey anyone know what we are clapping for?” …”I dunno” ….”Just keep clapping” . Why are we here? “I dunno someone is mad at somthing and relay dont like that Trump guy”.

  8. Senators that sleep or leave absconding from their duty should be held in contempt and fined. Never allowed to be in office again. Do your duty!!!

    1. there is a rule that if the Senators aren’t seated and paying attention, the Sgt @ arms can arrest them and throw them in prison. IDK for how long though.

    2. I think they all should have been allowed food and drinks. Not just candy and water.

      Once those needs were filled, if anybody left or slept, I believe they should not have been allowed to vote !

    3. cant blame them. their vote decided before this even started. the monotone lawyers are not helping either.

    4. Russiagate and this Impeachment take about 45 minutes to figure out, yet all my lefty friends take years to sort it out.


  9. Several senators just woke up to a bunch of clapping and joined in. “Whawha… what’s going on? Bravo! Yay! Good job! Grampa’s going back to bed now”

  10. When are people going to rise up and say “enough is enough”? When will anyone be willing to defend themselves from these “people” that use them like a resource and lie to them as if the were children? Perhaps never.

  11. New sandwich in town – “THE TRUMP SPECIAL”


    Two slices of white bread (no other will do)
    Lots of baloney
    Smear with Russian dressing
    Side of very small pickle

    Bon appetit!

  12. “Abuse of power”
    Squeak the rats trying to impeach they’re way to power. Can’t wait to me you rats in the street. Make sure you wear your masks so I know where the red dot goes.

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