1. @Jodine White you do know that the democrats started the kkk, don’t you? The also supported and fought FOR slavery. In the past 70 years they have built abortion clinics predominantly in the black community. Through welfare, they have kept blacks from gaining valuable work place experience and they promote single motherhood knowing the effects it will have on the black community.
      The democrats are against school vouchers, which would allow more minorities to attend better schools.
      The democrats consistently promote policies that have a devastating effect on the black community because they know that their constituents will never challenge them.

    2. It will be “disgraced former president” after this shitfight is over. The GOP isn’t going to weather this storm well.

    3. I would like trump go before the courts and have Americans sit as judge and jury. Republicans are fearful of being impartial doing their job. If trump is found guilty he should be send to a real prison rather than a resort for the wealthy. trump is a Traitor who deceived alot of his supporters.

  1. All this time I’ve been cynically thinking that the true statesman was long extinct. I was so wrong, and that gives me a little hope for our country.

    1. @Admiral General Aladeen TDS is well known term describing weak minded individuals who blindly trust sponsored media opinions and political theater as news. Consider it more of a politically accurate way of describing you with a greater level of accuracy vs simply calling you as a sheep.

    2. @Flip DeWitt You have a lot of feelings.. Did you have a point or are you just here seeking a participation award from some of your sponsored hero’s?

    3. @Google User He needs a participation award to feel satisfied.. Their hero’s only equip them with weak biased feelings – hard to defend a feeling.

    1. What’s not fake is my oldest son is also terminally ill fighting on dialysis..same as my other son… For years. Including heart failure… nothing fake about how devestating it is to loose a child and watch another dying daily.

  2. Trump’s sympathetic Tweet hours after the riot, saying “this is what happens” when he doesn’t get what he wants, cements his role as a willing participant.

  3. The fact of Trump’s control over his Senator supporters defines Trump’s control over all of the big lie and its consequences.

    1. Take note how Tanya doesn’t touch the point about how they tell their viewers everybody else lies so they don’t believe anything anyone else says. Any news station that doesn’t praise Trump as a literal God is leftist to these people anyway

    2. @teetee tee I cant believe you took the time of your day to write this none-sense. Anyhow, Donald Trump will be acquitted, this will be a hard pill to swallow, along with the people that liked your big senseless paragraph.

    3. @teetee tee Dont worry, everything is going to be fine and Donald Trump will be acquitted and we will go on our merry ways.

    4. @teetee tee It’s called freedom, I live in America and I can support whoever I want. It’s called the United States of America. You have to learn that not everyone is going to agree with you what you say. You cant force me but like what you like or agree with what you agree. This is world is not meant for that. Welcome to reality.

  4. Rep. Jamie Raskin is an example of how a public servant should be, unlike most Republicans such as Graham, Hawley, and others.

    1. @Henry Feilding never been to a courtroom have you? I grew up in one. His presentation is the same as a summation in opening statements of what will be presented to the “jury.” It is how ,exactly, a debate is executed. Sit and learn something about the Constitution, American History, current history as seen in video that REPUBLICANS were foolish to post on their own social media sites. Hubris, sir, hubris. Within a week, 200,000 video files had been sent to the FBI, OTHER security entities by family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, Patriots so outraged they forwarded the most egregious of offensive behavior to authorities. These people, on the videos, including Trump,have and will fall on their own swords.

    1. R Young, there were at least THREE rallies on January 6. Trump attended the Save America Rally. The Stop the steal rally was at the capital. I’m sure Alex Jones was there.

  5. If Republican Senators vote to acquit the Swampdaddy of Lies, their cowardice must be brought up every single time each of them campaigns in the future.

    1. @Deborah Freedman either way they are out, it was smart for pelosi to do this, guarantee they hold in 2 years, prolly 4. however long it takes the republicans to get their party cleared out of these fascist wannabe’s is fine. it cant happen overnight, but it has to happen, we cant go on with people making up maniacal lies to protect some insane wannabe dictator.

    2. Nanker, are you aware that congress have insider trading all the time and until recently, the news media just sat on this story. Recently, Pelosi’s husband bought stocks in tesla. Like when the $700 Billion bill was not passed in 2008 and the stock market fell hard. Think again where the swamp lies. Capital Hill is the swamp. Literally built in a swamp.

    3. @Mimi Albertson “the news media just sat on this story” Surprisingly, they reported on it as soon as it became obvious that those trades were timed with closed-door meetings; they reported it early last year.

    4. @Willy Win If you can look at all of the evidence and honestly, truly thing that what he did was appropriate, then you are most certainly not one who believes in justice. Since you don’t understand or believe in justice, it’s no wonder that you think this trial is a witch hunt.

  6. Thanks to people like Jamie Raskin for protecting our country from the crazies and the liars that use those crazies!

    1. Oh he’s protecting our country humm Biden has signed 52 executive orders …who’s writing these executive orders? Nobody knows, Congress is too busy

  7. This trial in the Senate will expose the traitors serving in the Senate. Excellent leadership, Rep. Raskin.

    1. @Connor Fennessy i mean, the part where it says the legislative branch cannot judge a private citizen, or the part where it says the supreme court justice must preside over the impeachment of a president.

      So, one way or the other if you call him the president or not in this impeachment it is unconstitutional.

    2. @Shimrra he is being tried while he is a private citizen, the legislative branch may not do that. Even with your original logic its still unconstitutional as the chief justice is not presiding over the precedings.

    3. @Moja Murphy never called impeachment unconstitutional, gave reasons why it is to multiple others here. With your low level of iq i can understand how you came to that conclusion though, cant think past the end of your nose.

    4. @Tanya Degurechaff you should watch the impeachment, genius. The House Democrats completely destroyed the “unconstitutional” defense. They even voted on it, and voted to proceed.

      Pay attention. You don’t know what’s going on.

  8. God bless Jamie Raskin such an honourable and highly capable man, may he have a great victory today for upholding the truth and defending democracy.

  9. Wow, this guy is the real deal. After hearing that opening argument, I’d hate to have to face him in court. I didn’t realize the case was this strong.

    1. Andrew- That is exactly why the GOP Congress must be replaced. They too are criminals for defending Trump and not the Constitution.

    2. @Julie Henderson you are so right… I’m curious how many of the 75M T***m voters would change their vote based on the facts today. This is who we need to get these insane GOP lunatics out.

    3. That is the whole idea of them not wanting it to go through. The evidence is toooooooooooo strong. This cannot be denied.

    4. @Arrow Blue But they’re GOING to deny it. They’re going to hide their faces when video of Capitol police get beaten and crushed under the weight of the lunatics invading the building are shown. They’re going to doodle on their tablets like Rand Paul did, or pretend to look at their very important paperwork instead of watch what Trump has done to our democracy. Because they are complicit. If half the Senate is complicit in the lie, in the attempt to overturn the fair election, then what justice will be served?

  10. America WILL NEVER be in a credible position to stand up to authoritarianism anywhere in the World if Donald Trump is not convicted. THIS IS A SOILING ON AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP if our house is not in order.

    1. @beeharbour II lol “Barbarians at the gates…” Wtf are you talking about? This isn’t the fifth century and there are no barbarians. Do you mean the Soviets? Muslims? China? Cultural Marxists? Transgender people? Rome was a hegemonic power that dominated through bloodshed and cruelty and when the barbarians did arrive at the gates, it was after a drawn-out decline and loss of prestige following inept ruler after inept ruler that allowed the coffers to be pillaged by oligarchs from the inside. So… I guess it is fairly apt. Most of the world, including the West, doesn’t see the US as some guardian against an invisible, genuine threat; they see _you_ as the threat. The disparity within and without the US is so great because the laughable right-wing, corporatized media can’t pull at our patriotic American heart strings, give us freedom boners over how big our guns are, and they can’t convince us that things like socialized medicine or welfare programs don’t work because we have them and know the difference. “Barbarians at the gates” is the kind of kindergarten-level geopolitics you only get from Fox News.

    2. ​@Unknown User This isn’t about your Commander and Chief and the 46th elected President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., He is too busy doing work for those in need.

  11. This was a masterful presentation by Rep. Raskin. Any prosecuting attorney would be proud of that performance…

    1. True. I am a prosecutor who has won many trials, including cases of murder and racketeering. While not exactly like a jury trial, Rep. Raskin’s presentation of the case is of the highest order. And for the country, it is historic.

  12. I want to know who is going to be charged with murder. When is there going to be justice for Officer Sicknick?

    1. Many were charged but so far, no official conviction yet. I’ve been checking on the CHI website every so often; they are still rounding more folks up around the country

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