Rastas Across Jamaica Livid over Police incident | TVJ News - August 3 2021 1

Rastas Across Jamaica Livid over Police incident | TVJ News – August 3 2021


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  1. Wah the police them fi do them naa do Rastafarians contribute so much to Jamaica……..that police officer have no right to cut her hair. JUSTICE !!

  2. The whole story is outrageous and utterly disgraceful. You do not pepper spray into a vehicle with other occupants just to get one assailant. The young lady was very much in her right to be angry and outraged at such reckless endangerment by the officer. But of course, she was the one sent to jail for a trumped up charge. She and everyone in that taxi were victims of reckless police endangerment, and yet she paid the penalty with a fine and days in jail. Jail protocol also needs to be revisited. Even if having long hair is a hazard in jail, how can you send someone back out into the world with a bald head for a meager couple days sentence when the child has been growing her locs for years? It’s not like you sending her in for a year sentence. The corporal who disrespected her humanity, religious freedom, as well as that reckless police officer need to be fired and made to pay fines. We’re tired of hearing the government say “Shame on our officers.” I don’t want to hear they were disciplined or shifted around to somewhere else in the system. You the government are responsible for the system; so change the system and stop letting this injustice happen on a daily basis.

    1. Agreed with everything you say except that both officers should be fired and never get employed anywhere else again. Now they’ll see what discrimination feels like.

  3. My question is who wouldn’t be upset @ getting pepper sprayed? Why the Judge didn’t give her a warning? The whole system is a culture of abusing poor ppl especially the Rastafari community.

    1. @Trish Newman I agree, I’m giving the Judge a easy out if she didn’t want to say the officer was wrong

    2. @Anton Swyer the Rule of law is applicable to each and every one of us.If the Judge sees it fit to convict the Empress ,she is a part of the problem in Jamaica. The case should have been thrown out. The Judge is there to pronounce the law , and upheld the law.
      I wonder which Judge was it?
      If the Judge was protecting the officer then this conviction would not seems to be safe as the judge was BIAS. APPEAL BOTH CONVICTION AND SENTENCE EMPRESS. NO ONE, NOT EVEN JUDGES ARE ABOVE THE LAW.

    3. @Trish Newman no argument here. My overall point was the Judge was also culpable, along with the police. In what happened to this young Empress

  4. Rasta a the best people to be around police must go find the guns that is killing people it’s a big disgrace

  5. This is so disrespectful and I am from the Christian religion. But as a black person this hurts deep down.

  6. Forget her being a Rasta..why did she touch the young lady’s hair… If it was processed would she have cut it??

    1. I bet you not. Neither do Idoubt that if her complexion was of a lighter hue, this would not have happened. Black people are totally lost.

  7. How do u cut a woman’s natural hair without their permission. This is beyond ridiculous. The country needs to do better its 2021 I thought we were past these levels of discrimination.

  8. Police should be charged with assault and battery on a citizens fined loose them benefits and must pay the victims restitution

  9. I’m a bald head/ Christian and I’m frigging mad about what took place. So it’s not only a Rasta thing we all have to fight for human rights and justice…..

  10. Poverty is a crime.
    The vulnerable members of society are always being targeted by these bullies with badges.
    I guess the police will investigate themselves and will find no wrong doing. SMH

  11. I agree with the whole movement of Jamaicans coming out to protest the wrong that have done to this girl cutting of her hair, but why Jamaicans can’t come out for the murders that’s taking place everyday.

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