Rate Of Covid-19 Deaths Leaves Hospital Workers Traumatized | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rate Of Covid-19 Deaths Leaves Hospital Workers Traumatized | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Joey Traywick, a Montana ICU nurse, describes how the amount of death his hospital has seen from Covid-19 has left him and his colleagues "broken." Aired on 10/30/2020.
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Rate Of Covid-19 Deaths Leaves Hospital Workers Traumatized | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

62 Comments on "Rate Of Covid-19 Deaths Leaves Hospital Workers Traumatized | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. Lisa Marie Barker | October 31, 2020 at 3:35 AM | Reply

    wow that made me cry! 🙁

  2. You’re a hero, Joey. Bless your heart 👏

  3. Karen Polansky | October 31, 2020 at 3:42 AM | Reply

    As a fellow RN, I completely understand.

    • Reaching Higher | October 31, 2020 at 8:18 AM | Reply

      @Marie Riegel You see, your response is WHY, I’m leaving this group behind. So quick to be triggered BY ANYTHING. It was just a question asked bt Trick or Trump… OMFG Trump2020 I’m done being associated with unhinged people. done

    • @Reaching Higher Thank you!! So unbelievably stupid!

    • Reaching Higher | October 31, 2020 at 8:51 AM | Reply

      @TrickOr Trump NP, This triggered by anything and everything insanity has to stop. It’s so out of control. and BTW, they were not a poor choice of words. It was a question, plain and simple and to the point, Don’t apologize. Happy Halloween to you.

    • @Reaching Higher Suuurreee…you just now decided to be a Trumpfler© sycophant. Go tell that people stupid enough to believe it. Funny how I’m the exact opposite of you. All I see is hateful Anti American Trump sycophants who completely lost their God da=# minds.
      And when you are related to nurses or people in general working around these people dying…you would know that they are LITERALLY coming home with PTSD. Watching individuals die like that isn’t particularly fun and not everyone is a Trump Sociopath Nihilist who only cares for themselves and maybe their family. So you go ahead and act like your the victim of an unhinged group and only master Trumpkovsky can safe you while that group seems more susceptible to commit hate and cancel culture than ANY ideology I know ( except maybe radical Islam…but barely ).

    • @Reaching Higher By the way….Russian Troll account. It only takes one look on your comment history to know what you are or doing.

  4. I would love him to be the nurse for any of my loved ones who were sick.

  5. willz resurreccion | October 31, 2020 at 3:49 AM | Reply

    And Trump don’t care. It breaks my heart.

    • Meredith B. Rife | October 31, 2020 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      @Ash Roskell oh … yeah … figured that one out this morning too. Thank you Ash for calling it early. The USA will be a new version of the movie “The Road” (Vigo Mortensen) if we don’t pull this off.

    • even worse. He is BORED with it

    • @Volta Kubrick You really have to be a Trump supporter to be so stupid as to think people will believe you.

    • He’s joking about it at his rallies. How sick is that thing.

    • @Marc John REALLY? Wanna bet? If you give me 20 million dollars, I will show you videos of nurses not wearing masks at hospitals right now.
      Just let me know. I have the evidence.

  6. Praying for you all from New Zealand. Kia Kaha Arohanui. Vote🌏🕊💙🌊💙🌊💙🌊🇳🇿vote for all the frontline heroes.

  7. And Trump’s son just said on Fox yesterday that when you look at death numbers it’s almost NOTHING…. I’m so mad with the whole family and their enablers.

    • Peocris Garlic | October 31, 2020 at 3:34 PM | Reply

      @Em Andem no my point is you are brainwashed to care about this. 25,000 people die a day of starvation. the vaccine is food and it exists in abundance. you are brainwashed

    • @Julie Frazier WRONG!
      You can’t just fire a nurse like you would fire a fast food worker.
      Nurses have unions, rights, organizations, etc behind them.
      I don’t think you have been to hospitals in Republican States.
      They are the LEAST compliant when it comes to wearing masks and covid precautions.
      Once Trump politicized the virus, nurses and doctors decided to follow HIS advice instead of the CDC’s or their hospitals.
      WAKE up to reality!!!

    • You’re Beautiful | October 31, 2020 at 5:54 PM | Reply

      @Marry Freeman right!! It’s the common cold!! We always treat the common cold with urgent trips to an emergency room and a vent. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • @Ash Roskell how do they look in the mirror and live with themselves? smh… It breaks my heart. I cannot stop crying from hearing the stories. Putting the politics aside from this, these are our fellow brothers and sisters dying and no one seems to care. No one in positions of power anyway. It breaks my heart for all of us. What are we becoming?… Because whatever it is it is the thing nightmares are made of..less human, more evil. Yep…pretty sad for us all..

    • Trump’s son can’t comment on any of it if he hasn’t worked side by side with these doctors. But we all know, that’s too much work for him. He is better at running his mouth full of lies.

  8. What a wonderful nurse. As a health worker, I am so proud of him!

  9. Norman Heslington | October 31, 2020 at 4:18 AM | Reply

    Mow there is a REAL MAN

  10. God bless you, help and protect you. Know that someone out here is beside you and every brave nurse who’s job it is to keep watch over patients.

  11. Barbara Prince | October 31, 2020 at 4:31 AM | Reply

    Bless you ….and thank for all you do and who you are,, joey

  12. lowkeys customcars | October 31, 2020 at 4:41 AM | Reply

    This man has a heart of gold ,
    ” i wont let them pass alone ”
    God bless you man
    God bless you !

  13. As a retired ICU RN….I thank all these heros. I totally understand the brokenness he describes. Nursing is an impossible job. Those who can do it well are the best of the best. The emotional strain is too much. Usually we can at least delegate the hand holding to family….now they cant. God bless this man.


    • You must still have associates in the field… pass this on if you think it is worth it. No one in the ICU wanted to debate Tonya for very long and that’s a good thing. 

      POSTED BY Tonya Green 47 minutes ago in response to a message regarding IV C.  @Altair IV you are correct. My husband had covid in August. Luckily I’m a lowly M.A but I have an 02 sensor in my home. When he said he felt like he was having a hard time catching his breath I tested him and his 02 sat was 85. I immediately took him to the hospital. They tested his 02 sats and it had dropped to 76. They wanted to put him on a ventilator and I said NO. They put him on Oxygen and got his 02 to come up to 89. After further testing he had a blood clot in his lung. They put him on elemis and I told them I wanted him on a Vitamin C and D3 IV. They tried to refuse me and I pushed, they finally did it. He came home 2 days later with oxygen and the blood thinner. 

      After 2 more days he was of all oxygen and was feeling great. I still give him D3 and Vitamin c everyday. Had I not been there he would have been put on a ventilator and they wouldn’t have given him the IV Vitamins either. He is 54, very overweight had high blood pressure and only one kidney. Today he’s doing great. My husband won’t stand up for himself or even me. I switched my advanced directive to my daughter who is an RN and a bulldog like me. I doubt I will get covid since I don’t wear a mask and he drank out of my drink everyday before he was diagnosed with covid and even after. When he came home neither of us wore masks around each other and slept in the same bed. So either I’m immune or I got it and was asymptomatic.

      Using too low of a dose of IV C and then claiming it does nothing has been the rule for the past 70 years or so. That is a fact.

      https://youtu.be/NTLGEoAw9C0  Vitamin C officially recommended for the Covid-19 Virus, Dr. Susan E. Brown. M.D.

      >>”If a family member of mine died due to coronavirus infection, after a doctor refused to use intravenous vitamin C, I would challenge his or her treatment in a court of law. I would win.” (Kenneth Walker, MD, surgeon)<< http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n07.shtml  

      https://youtu.be/EM3U3jrhi7s Using Vitamin C as a Treatment, Dr. Richard Cheng, M.D. PhD. 

      https://youtu.be/adYqbucF8M4  ICU nurses discuss IV vitamin C therapy for sepsis 

      https://youtu.be/N2yzJJy_iYE  The Effects of Vitamin C in Sepsis and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, JAMA Network

      “Given the rapid rate of success of intravenous vitamin C in viral diseases, I strongly believe it would be my first recommendation in the management of corona virus infections.”

      (Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD) Puerto Rico

      “It is of great importance for all doctors to be informed about intravenous vitamin C. When a patient is already in hospital severely ill, this would be the best solution to help save her or his life.”

      (Karin Munsterhjelm, MD) Finland

      Winning the hospital game

      When faced with hospitalization, the most powerful person in the most entire hospital system is the patient. However, in most cases, the system works on the assumption that the patient will not claim that power. If on your way in you signed the hospital’s legal consent form, you can unsign it. You can revoke your permission. Just because somebody has permission to do one thing doesn’t mean that they have the permission to do everything. There’s no such thing as a situation that you cannot reverse. You can change your mind about your own personal healthcare. It concerns your very life. The rights of the patient override the rules of any institution.

    • As well as this…. it is a relatively new development, from Cordoba: The already converted form of D3 is giving ICU physicians in Cordoba roughly a 3 day jump on preventing damage to their ICU patients…. IV Calcifediol seems to be a Godsend.
      https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7456194/ “Effect of calcifediol treatment and best available therapy versus best available therapy on intensive care unit admission and mortality among patients hospitalized for COVID-19: A pilot randomized clinical study”

      Marta Entrenas Castillo, Luis Manuel Entrenas Costa, […], and José Manuel Quesada Gomez

      Additional article information

      The vitamin D endocrine system may have a variety of actions on cells and tissues involved in COVID-19 progression especially by decreasing the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Calcifediol can rapidly increase serum 25OHD concentration. We therefore evaluated the effect of calcifediol treatment, on Intensive Care Unit Admission and Mortality rate among Spanish patients hospitalized for COVID-19.
      >>“Such impaired CYP2R1 activity has been well-demonstrated in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (a lung-related disease) or asthma. Additionally, calcifediol is more potent when compared to oral Vitamin D3,” Gómez said.

      Thus, based on the research, calcifediol should be provided to all Covid-19 patients who have pulmonary or lung-related symptoms, he said.<< https://m.jpost.com/health-science/vitamin-d-deficiency-could-make-you-more-prone-to-covid-19-new-study-636350
      Insufficient vitamin D increases risk of severe COVID-19, says new study
      By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN JULY 26, 2020 18:25
      Vitamin D has long been understood to impact immune response.

      Low levels of vitamin D may put people at risk for developing COVID-19, according to a new study by Leumit Health Care Services and Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine.
      “The main finding of our study was the significant association of low plasma vitamin D level with the likelihood of COVID-19 infection among patients who were tested for COVID-19, even after adjustment for age, gender, socioeconomic status and chronic, mental and physical disorders,” said Dr. Eugene Merzon, head of Leumit’s Department of Managed Care and its leading researcher. “Furthermore, low vitamin D level was associated with the risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19 infection, although this association wasn’t significant after adjustment for other confounders.”

      Vitamin D has long been understood to impact immune response. According to Dr. Milana Frenkel-Morgenstern, leader of the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine research group, as much as 70% of the adult population worldwide is vitamin D insufficient or deficient.
      The Leumit and Bar-Ilan scientists analyzed if the risk of developing COVID-19 or becoming hospitalized because of it increases for people who have a low level of vitamin D.
      They studied 782 Israeli COVID-19-positive patients and 7,825 negative patients and determined that a low plasma vitamin D level appears to be an independent risk factor for COVID-19 infection and hospitalization.
      “We don’t know the mechanism,” Frenkel-Morgenstern said. “What we do know is that people who develop severe COVID and were hospitalized – these people have significantly low vitamin D levels.”
      The research has just been accepted to be published in The FEBS Journal on molecular, cellular and biochemical life sciences.

  14. Joey is such a genuine person. There are so few remaining these days. I wish him and like minded people all the strength.

    • This man is a Godsent.
      Only a few of them.
      God’s presence is very strong in the heart of this man.
      That’s what He wants us to be.

    • people die every day in hospitals… if he cant handle it he should find a different line of work

    • Cɾყ Eყɾҽʂ | October 31, 2020 at 1:32 PM | Reply

      @Paul Wilson
      He can handle it but he also feels their pain.
      He’s not a cold hearted person, it’s called empathy.

  15. Listening to Joey Traywick from here in Australia had me in tears. He said he’s a good nurse, but it’s clear he’s also a wonderful human. I hope his heart stays true in all the brokenness.

    • @Paul Wilson Wrong Joey Traywick, Einstein. Desperate much?

    • Reaching Higher | October 31, 2020 at 3:27 PM | Reply

      @J M M Ok, you really are a dim wit or you just can’t can’t find him It’s the same guy. He’s been a struggling actor most of his adult life. He’s done TV commercials to small 1-2 line speaking parts in movies. He also bills himself as a “motivational speaker” He just recently became a nurse. I will give you a C- Because at least you tried looking for him and you put some effort in. Most people are too lazy to even do that. I’m wondering if you actually confirmed that he’s an actor and your purposefully withholding that info. If you’re genuine, dig a little deeper, it’s all there to see. It’s why he is so good at pulling the heart strings. In any event be well and Happy Halloween!

    • Reaching Higher | October 31, 2020 at 3:30 PM | Reply

      @J M M Also, why don’t you try watching Trump hating comedian Jimmy Dore. He’s a major lefty, you would probably like him, but he also tells the truth and exposes a lot of media lies which is why I watch him. He actually opened my eyes up to how bad the media is. Give him a shot

    • @Paul Wilson You are demonstrating exactly how far below average you really are.

    • @Paul Wilson Dear Paul I too am an Australian, and it’s beyond comprehension to us how a such technologically advanced nation like the U.S can be so far behind the curve on this covid crisis. Because it is a crisis. No one outside of America can understand how a leader of a great nation can spend so much time and energy lieing deflecting and
      Pretending that this horrible affliction does not exist. I’m blessed to live in a place that hasn’t seen a case of covid since May but that has only come about by maintaining a strict adherence to advice from our doctors. Stay 6 feet apart wear a mask in public. When people arrive into our state they have to spend 2 weeks in a hotel before entering the public. It’s not harsh and it work’s. The schools are open every go’s to work life is normal. Why can’t Americans do the same , why can’t trump and his cronies get this message across. And before you say it this has nothing to do with freedom. Australia is free country. More free than the U.S as we are now free of vivid.

  16. In other countries, I see Politicians breakdown in tears when they reported the dire situation in the hospitals on what the families, doctors, nurses are going through. I tell Trump that’s true strength, to be a human being with empathy.

    • Meredith B. Rife | October 31, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Reply

      Trump’s “not my responsibility” is ironclad. The prince of ‘my gain only’ to the point that the rest of reality ceases to exist. I only figured this out this morning watching him pin greed to the medical professionals “claiming COVID deaths for their own gain.” in his latest rallies. WHAT ON EARTH🌍 HAVE WE COME TO THAT PEOPLE WILL STILL SUPPORT THIS MONSTER🧨

  17. I am so sorry for that nurse. My deepest sympathy and thanks to you . What a wonderful human.

  18. And trump is dancing at super-spreader rallies every day!

  19. “Hospital workers are faking trauma so they can get paid more” – trump

  20. “Where is God?”

    Joey: “I will never let them pass alone again..”


    It didn’t have to be this way. It didn’t. My heart breaks listening to Joey. I legitimately started crying too.

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