Rate Of Trump Offenses Outpaces House Impeachment Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rate Of Trump Offenses Outpaces House Impeachment Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rep. David Cicilline, member of the House Judiciary Committee, talks about the timeline for when the committee might make a recommendation to begin impeachment proceedings, and the challenge of investigating impeachable offenses given the rate at which Donald Trump keeps committing new ones.
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Rate Of Trump Offenses Outpaces House Impeachment Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Rate Of Trump Offenses Outpaces House Impeachment Investigation | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. He is squeezing the very last lies he can produce for a good fight at the polls and the worst is this: His braid dead followers are going to want to have this man as a president rather than a good country

    • @DAVID FILER That’s the 2nd time you said braid. Anyway, keep whining, we love it🤣

    • @David M ?

    • @DAVID FILER ? Are you that stupid?

    • Brian H GDP growth has slowed, job creation is down, unemployment rising, consumer sales has slowed to stagnant, there is no wage growth outside of the 1%. You need to understand how economics work and not Trump / Fox propaganda version. The Trump regime is a fascist government, look up what fascism is. I don’t tend to bother with corporate media and certainly NOT stupid enough to believe what known liar Trump says. Your projection is strong, as you are the gullible lemming and one following the other gullible lemmings off that cliff.

  2. Liar, liar, liar… in clear view! He wasn’t, he was busy working on other lies.

  3. What a freakin’ child! 😹

  4. They didn’t call

    • That came out on the same day, hours after Trump made that boast.

      I loved it. The Fox News feeds were praising Trump after he made that claim. Dozens of people were pointing out that Trump likely lied about it, like he had with NK and every other time he’s been in a similar situation. In all of those situations, Trump was busted lying. It wasn’t 2 hours later before China was disputing Trump and saying they had no clue WTF he was talking about.

      Trump can’t tell the truth to save his soul.

  5. Progressive Humanist | August 31, 2019 at 2:12 AM | Reply

    If democracy wasn’t broken in the US, he would have been impeached 2 years ago.

    • Ryker

      I’ll say it again to be totally clear, I’m NOT a Trump supporter.

      But, we can’t call out Trump and the GOP for lies, exaggerations and misleading statements, if we do the same thing.

      We can’t try Trump in the court of the year 2000, in 2000 the internet was still young and social media didn’t exist.

      Yes, Trump has done wrong, yes he should be charged, but make the argument in 2019, not 2000

    • He wouldn’t have never been nominated if the republicans weren’t in rich people pockets. They needed someone with no scruples and idiotic donald was their guy.

    • I think they already know Donald and this is why his taxes with never be seen. EVERYBODY IS INVOLVED IN THE COVERUP.

    • Progressive Humanist
      “If democracy wasn’t broken in the US, he would have been impeached 2 years ago.”
      Small correction: if democracy in the US would exist, he would never have been ‘elected’ president.

    • @Simon Few Actually we can call out the GoP and Trump, because they are a danger to our institutions. Anything the left has done is peanuts in comparison. I’m not about to get into an argument about whataboutism when Trump is dismantling democratic norms and McConnell has effectively shut down congress, when Obama’s greatest offense was wearing a tan suit. I only go back to 2000 to point out where democracy took a turn for the worse, which was the advent of electronic voting equipment that is easily hackable, many models which are still in widespread use in majoritarily red states. A 12 year old kid at a science and tech fair was able to hack into a voting machine used across the country in a few minutes. At a hacking convention, every single hacker who attempted to access the machines successfully did so and was able to manipulate the tallies. Our problem is very much about the very foundation of our checks and balances, which is voting integrity. I guarantee you that if we had secure elections in 2016, we wouldn’t even be talking about Trump now (which is why McConnell is refusing to pass election security). The problem is much bigger than Trump,– GoP corruption has led us down this path, and it started in decades ago. Clearly, I don’t wanna take a time machine back to that time period and prevent it from happening. We can only affect now, that much is given. Until we secure our elections, we are missing the point. Trump is the symptom of a broken democracy, not that the electoral college isn’t a problem as well ( SOME VOTES SHOULD NOT COUNT FOR MORE THAN OTHERS!). The polls weren’t wrong, but foreign interference and domestic disenfranchisement are the culprits. If we address those issues, we will see an America that reflects us and the things we believe in and espouse.

  6. Just vote this clown out of office. He is an embarrassment to America.

    • Frankie Shaw. Agreed. Trump has the biggest 🐞bedbugs. Tremendous big 🐀 rats like himself in his golf resorts.

    • @Bruce McChesney You know what else we’re good at? Leading the World in innovation, preserving security in the West, and cultivating the best ideas from people from every corner of the Globe.

      Have we lost our way? Most definitely. Have we made some epic mistakes? Obviously. Have there been times where we haven’t lived up to our ideals? Absolutely!

      But we haven’t lost the underlying institutions and ideals which propelled us to be the only global superpower and the World’s largest economy. And mark my words, we WILL become a symbol for what the best humanity has to offer again. And one day we WILL realize a World where American global leadership once again means strength, service to other nations, and integrity.

    • tRumpet troll Killer | August 31, 2019 at 11:59 AM | Reply

      Pete Timbrell You do realize that other people live in Florida and could seriously be hurt or killed!

      Myself included

      I agree though I would love to see it trashed but please ask god for a way that leaves me alone 😂😂😂😂

    • Lunar Moonlight | August 31, 2019 at 12:02 PM | Reply

      Waiting to vote him out isn’t good enough anymore. The military needs to drag him, his family and the corrupt Russian puppets out of government

  7. Trump’s going to be the first person to commit more crimes than they have laws for.

  8. No wonder Trump’s parents sent him to a military academy when he was 13. He’s uncontrollable.

  9. The whole trump WHITE HOUSE is one big lie,I think they fight oneother who’s going to tell the next lie.

    • The dumb lie they got caught telling “he was in Germany and India speaking.” Forgetting that photographers are always at those meetings.

  10. At what point is trump to be stopped, I thought no one was above the law in America! 😔😢

  11. Johnny Davisson | August 31, 2019 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    All political parties should be abolished, and all representative voting should be private and only be public knowledge after the vote takes place. Lobbyists, superpac, corporate, donations should be outlawed.

  12. I can tell you, American friends: if you’re wondering how Trump’s antics and surreally extreme lying look from the outside: “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty BAD”.
    Seriously, your Resident (not a typo) is so utterly incompetent, so pathologically narcissistic. and so just plain evil, there’s one, only one burning question in our mind, when the f**ksake are you going to kick out this big blob of utter nothing, this dangerous, antiecological, antiscientific, anti-intelligence, antisemite, ultrafascist, hyperracist, overweight mass of pure evil, with self-destructive instincts and bottomless, abyssal idiocy? How many articles of impeachment do you need? He has abused the privileges of his position to a level not seen since the Precambrian. We don’t understand how a nation that boasts about its democratic principles can tolerate such a monster for so long. Or your Congress is corrupt past any hope of salvation, or your idolatry of big money has vanquished all your beloved principles engraved in your constitution. Everyday I look at the news hoping it will announce either his resignation or his impeachment. It has grown very tiresome. I don’t even find Colbert funny anymore, although he managed to make me laugh like nobody else with his Trump monologues. It’s the wear and tear of something that has waaaaaayyyy overstayed its welcome.
    Please America, act before it’s too late. Right now we need your leadership and somebody who will try to patch up the mess Trump has made of America’s leadership as a superpower. Please come back! We miss you …..Do the right thing! In 11/2020 at the very latest, but before then would be even MUCH better. No, not just better: a MUST for our planet’s future.

    • @Andie Isabella good comment. And when Trump was ranting about the 4 Congress women. He said “If anyone don’t want to fight for America, Get Out.” Well! Doesn’t that apply to him. He dodged the draft 5 times. Wouldn’t fight for America when it needed him?

    • Nancy Beveridge Taylor | August 31, 2019 at 12:11 PM | Reply

      I love you❤

    • Sharon Massetti | August 31, 2019 at 12:13 PM | Reply

      feodoric well said

    • @Okkie Trooy Everyone doesn’t have the same goals. Some want to silence people for their beliefs if it’s not agreeable to them, yet they preach tolerance. Some want to take away rights in the Constitution because they don’t FEEL right about it. The right to FEEL right isn’t in any part of our law. Some people FEEL anybody that disagrees with them should go away, but that’s not happening. Have you seen some college campuses these days? They are literally like babies in need of pacifiers so they can FEEL safe. It all boils down to good against evil and this generation is raising children of evil because God is being kicked out of the country because it offends the evil ones and that’s the main problem. The GOAL should be to bring God back in, and I don’t mean Allah, Buddha, or that false pope. Jesus is the ONLY way and the ONLY Lord. Yet schools ban prayers then start promoting Islamic prayer study. It’s happening in Illinois now. It’s evil taking over and people are so cowardly they just accept it and if they don’t, they get the infamous label of being RACISTS. This will not make America great. It’s going to cause civil war and that’s really what some people want because it reduces the population. Trump IS on the right side, I KNOW Hillary wasn’t, and that’s why HE is president.

    • So many words, so many sentences…..but what the hack did you say? only hatespeech…whowh you must be proud of yourself…only accusing without any, zero, zip evidence woh you must be proud of so many stupidity…

  13. What are you waiting for, Democrats?
    Republicans were all over Bill Clinton for lying about a sexual relationship!
    Trump has broken so many laws, it’s embarassing to the country that he’s still up there, pretending to serve!

    • The Republicans were ready to impeach Obama over wearing a tan suit.

    • Trump serves ….. himself and his Billionaire contemporaries
      These people??? have a common disregard for ordinary humans
      Which is why they hate medicare for all, social programmes and VETERANS benefits

    • Here’s the problem: we have a majority of Republicans in the Senate. The Democratic majority in the House could get Articles of Impeachment filed, but that is just like charging Trump with crimes. THEN the SENATE has to sit in judgement on those charges, and the Republicans in the Senate have already proven that they are some of the most corrupt people in the Nation! Above and beyond Moscow Mitch who has sold his soul to Vladimir Putin, you have people like Rick Scott in the Senate.
      Rick Scott was the CEO responsible for instituting business practices that resulted in the corporation he controlled committing HUGE amounts of Medicare fraud! There were TWO HUGE MEDICARE FRAUD CONVICTIONS. The first costing the company for whom he was CEO over 1.8 BILLION DOLLARS in fines for all the fraud they had caught at… but likely not all they had committed. Then that company gave him a “golden parachute” to leave, and he created his own medical corporation – Solantic – that was convicted of committing so much medicare fraud that they had to pay over 2 MILLION DOLLARS in fines… and again, only for the fraud they were caught at. You can bet there was and IS a lot more Medicare fraud going on in his companies. He changed the name of his clinics, by the way, to “Care Spot” so if you are in Florida avoid those Clinics. If they get your insurance information, you could end up a victim of fraud, too. And THIS GUY managed to get elected governor in Florida… where he spent most of his time pulling money from the state to put in his own pocket and protecting his companies from further investigation for fraud and malpractice… and now is in the Senate! THAT is the kind of greedy crook that Florida has representing them!
      So is it any wonder that the corrupt Republicans in the Senate are protecting the Nastydon? (nickname for Donnie, because he’s such a political dinosaur, who believes that only white men have any human rights) With him in office, the Republicans are raking cash out of taxpayer pockets and into their own. They are protecting their corporations from investigation and prosecution for enormous amounts of fraud and other crimes. The Republican party in the Senate is made up of the most unethical group of people this Nation has known since Andrew Jackson’s criminal administration murdered its way through the land. THEY are not going to convict the Nastydon of any crimes, because he makes it possible for them to commit their own crimes un-noticed.
      The only hope of salvation at this point is for EVERY VOTER to be sure to get out and vote in the 2020 elections! And not just for President, but for every office that comes up. We must vote the Republican party OUT OF OFFICE as completely as possible, and get the message across that this kind of behavior is not going to be defended by the American people. And then, when they can no longer keep investigations and prosecution off of themselves, every one that can be lawfully prosecuted and tried for the crimes they committed personally or by participation needs to be tried and go to jail! Not ‘country club’ jail but actual jail! We as a Nation have GOT TO SHOW THE POLITICAL PARTIES THAT CRIMINALITY AGAINST THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!
      I’ve been registered Independent my entire voting life, and in the past have chosen the individual I thought best suited for the office regardless of party, but now I cannot in good conscience vote for ANY Republican. This upsets me – I’ve always preferred having more choices than less. But given the criminality embraced by the higher levels of the Republican party right now, that choice has by conscience been stolen from me. So I hope that EVERY VOTER will get out this time – and for all elections in the future – and vote. I hope everyone will choose to be informed voters who have researched the candidates, as it is our duty to do. THAT is how we can get our country back from the criminal regime and the Russian influences that currently control our Nation.

    • @Lily Darkmoore
      That’s exactly *why* they should make sure it is all out in the open and passed to the senate before your next election.

      There are so many *illegal* things he has done, along with the petty, crazy things. Congress has to focus on the illegal things & make it simple & easy to understand (for the public – no opinion-type stuff).

      Then they pass it on to the senate & I’d agree with you, I think it’s highly unlikely that they will move forward with it.

      But they *NEED* to be exposed for being enablers of *illegal* activity in the WH *BEFORE* the next election.

      I still don’t think everyone pays enough attention to individuals to truly know what they are voting for – voting against stopping a lawbreaker covers them all.

      I think all those old white men are so disconnected from society. *It does not reflect them anymore.* The US was revolutionary *in 1700s* – like France (e.g. French Revolution & US war of independence closely mirrored each other in time & principle; but US did not continue on the same path).

      There is no other country in the developed world that clings to its laws from ~250 years ago. Only in the US do they still benefit the ‘political class’ – for the most part, other places no longer have a ‘political class’. But they fought for it and sacrificed to have full representation & equal rights for the ‘working class’ – will the US actually fight?

      The best time – & it would have happened pretty much *everywhere else* – was when your government was shut down & people *had* to work without pay. There were SO many people affected that it was the perfect opportunity for them ALL to unite – with support. I felt so disappointed for you. That could have been life-changing.

      This election millennials & gen Z will be the largest demographic – I sincerely hope the results reflect that.

      And I hope you get out of this 2-party dichotomy that is destroying your country soon. You are right. You *do* need more choice… more *parties* & candidates to choose from. With more parties, people are more fairly represented, & the ‘right vs. left’ disappears because there will always be a need for negotiation & compromise. I do think the next generation will bring those changes – I hope it happens quickly for you.

  14. “Conflict of interest” to hold a G7 meeting at his Miami Golf Club and Trump should be charged for violating presidential protocol by enriching himself.

  15. Trumps perfect way to get rid of G7 leaders by hosting next meeting at his Doral Golf Club whereby they get food poisoning and bedbugs. World domination with Putin

    • PATRICIA CRABTREE | August 31, 2019 at 10:59 AM | Reply

      LOL LOL LOL.

    • Don’t discount the fact that the USA and Russia are both self-sustaining counties who possess nuclear power….They don’t need other countries to exist. If they ever band together, they can in fact and in deed rule the world.

  16. Next year’s G-6 will take place in Canada.

  17. mELANIA wouldn’t be upset if #45 humped a sheep ,, he has her green card and the anchor baby (Barron)

  18. So what? who is going to stop him from doing anything he want’s? America has gone down the toilet.

  19. Trump has removed any lingering doubts in the collective mind of the rest of the world that the U.S. has devolved into a criminal state under his watch.

  20. All those bungalows sound ideal to host migrant children.

    • The company donates profits from foreign business to the U.S. Treasury. We can let foreign dignitaries stay in a Budget Motel, but I for one prefer they stay in the best when visiting the USA.

    • @Shadow Mist
      *Reliable* source?

      Trump organization reported record profits last year. This is utter crap.

    • The president’s oft-visited Florida estate raked in more than $22 million in revenue during 2018, almost $3 million less than Trump reported on his form last year.

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