Rattner: Here's Why The Minimum Wage Needs A Boost | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Rattner: Here’s Why The Minimum Wage Needs A Boost | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Morning Joe economic analyst Steve Rattner joins Morning Joe with charts to discuss why the country's minimum wage deserves a boost. Aired on 03/3/2021.
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Rattner: Here's Why The Minimum Wage Needs A Boost | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. ​@Jaak Savat 25% sounds fair. They would still have enough money to survive if they payed 25% every year.

    2. @William R we have now individuals with a personal worth of a 1000 billion and all is ok, while homelessness and incarceration is at unprecedented levels

    3. It’s easy to help small businesses absorb the cost. Just give them a tax credit for the difference that they can apply like they do for depreciation when buying capital assets. This can be applied to businesses who make under $500,000 profit every year. It’s not complicated really.

  1. I’ve made $10+/hr working at TARGET. I couldn’t afford to pay all of my bills and eat. I made too much for SNAP. $11/ is nothing. Make it at least $13-$14. The issue is not just raising the minimum wage; the government has to adjust the guidelines for SNAP too since they want to keep us in poverty.

    1. If minimum wage kept pace with production and inflation it would be 24 bucks an hour.
      They are robbing billions from working people and for decades to put in their shareholders’ pockets.

    2. @Scapegoat for Failed CapitalismExactly!!! How are we 21 years into the new millennium and the minimum wage is only $7.25?? It is disgraceful how anyone, especially the people who to be our voice and fight for us, thinks that is okay and livable. I guarantee they would NOT be okay living on these wages if it were them.

    3. Shantel Kane
      15 bucks is still a give away to them, but they won’t have it. It’s absolutely insane.

    4. @Scapegoat for Failed Capitalism 
      Yes, unfortunately. We will never mean enough to them to understand how hard it is to live paycheck to paycheck and still not really make enough. It was rough when I was only taking care of myself. Now that I’m a single mom, it is more difficult because I can’t go without food, electricity, a home. I was homeless and starving before. I refuse to put my child through that now. Moving to Canada is my dream lol.

    5. Really it should be $20+ because of health care costs which are highest in the world. Joe was insanely stupid in this segment.

  2. Not so funny that the people who decide how little an hour you can earn never have to live on this for three trial months. That might change the attitude.

    1. US sec of Comm Wilbur Ross laughed while eating ice cream at Mar a Lago during a US military raid in Syria where US GIs were putting their necks on the line..”it makes for good dinner time entertainment..”
      How funny when you’re a Wall St thief with direct ties to Putin’s bank…how funny.
      I thought “how funny would he think it was if he got shot in the neck..” I thought it,so it was perceived as a threat….
      Thinking about justice on the internet is dangerous.

  3. We Should be First Joe, we are the wealthiest Country in the World made that way by 400 Years of Free Labor,.

    1. And they’re STILL wanting that free labor. It just does WONDERS for a business’s profit margin.

    2. @mike briganti It survived Trump, proof it can survive anything. And Obama BROUGHT the economy back around. We were on the BRINK of a massive depression, bigger than the last and world wide, when he took over. Remember the bail outs for the financial sector and Detroit, empty houses? The stimulus package, the cash for clunkers? When Trump took over the economy was fine and it is NOW BACK IN THE TOILET. And Biden will clean up after a republican again. that’s why he came with mop bucket in hand. It’s a standard Democrat issue for cleaning up Republican messes.

    3. The only reason to make the minimum wage regional is to help some states attract industries that want to capitalize on lower wages. Basically…all industries.

    4. If minimum wage kept pace with production and inflation it would be 24 bucks an hour.
      They are robbing billions from working people and for decades to put in their shareholders’ pockets.

  4. One of the problems with comparing the US with most other industrial countries is that our citizens do not enjoy a decent health system that provides care for all citizens.

    1. Dont understand why businesses never advocate for M4A. Does anyone in the business world realize how much money and regulation(2 subjects they complain about ALL the time) will be lifted from them. No other country makes business deal with healthcare. Yep, we are America, but we are pretty stupid.

    2. That really depends upon which state you live in. The ACA works, but only if the state lets it.

  5. All Representatives agnaist the 15/hr should be on “undercover boss” working for minimum wage for a yr during recess in Congress and can’t use any other money to support their families. These Representatives have millions of dollars, and don’t understand what’s it like to work for less than 15/HR. They get paid by lobbyists to do nothing in Congress. Who wouldn’t want to get paid thousands to millions for sitting on their butts all day. While the rest of Americans just get by.

  6. To me, it shows that the real problem is a lack of inflation adjustment.
    All things like this get automatically adjusted for inflation, by law, in my country.

  7. That point in the chart where the minimum wage went below the poverty line just happens to coincide with the glorious Reagan years. Ever since that time, the rich got richer and the poor were ignored.

    1. Yep, that is when the tax brackets were changed significantly, to help those top wage earners.

  8. Yeah….not interested in RICH PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT WHY REGULAR FOLKS CANT GET 15.00 an hour while they can right off their 3 martini lunches

    1. If Congress would stop putting us deeper in debt by printing money like there is no tomorrow and trashing the dollar you wouldn’t need a minimum wage.

    2. Manuel Morales they HAVE TO keep printing money…or who is going to make up for the tax cutes trump gave the rich people…People making 7.00 an hour can’t make up that difference ….where will THAT money come from????

  9. A question: How much does Morning Joe make an hour? (Rhetorical question of course)….What about Mika? I wonder if they could live off of $11 an hour?

    1. That’s a great point, asking how much Joe Manchin makes. A US senator regardless of what state they’re from makes $174k per year. Doesn’t matter what cost of living is in that state

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Wrong it’s about money laundering. 1.9 Trillion and the people only see a small fraction of it.

    2. @Manuel Morales Really? Then why are an increasing number of Americans falling below the poverty line every year..? Why do people need to work more than one job, just to pay the rent..? Why are young people being crippled by student debt that takes a decade (or longer) to pay off..? Why don’t we have universal health care, like every other civilized nation..? Take your time.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera Its called inflation. Caused by the over printing of the currency. To protect against this smart people take their savings and buy appreciable items as a hedge against inflation. Ever notice home values keep rising. There is no inflation just poor money management by Congress devaluing the dollar and putting us in this. A vicious cycle of perpetual growing debt.

    4. @Manuel Morales Are you suggesting that inflation is some sort of new phenomenon..? No, it isn’t inflation… it’s greed. It’s late-stage capitalism. It’s the funneling of wealth up toward the top 2 percent, while everyone else goes hungry. Do you know what else it is..? It’s the perfect prescription for a violent, nationwide uprising in the near future.

  10. The minimum wage should actually be upwards of 27$ an hr if it kept up with inflation, 15$ is still too low.

  11. The federal wage literally is a 1 size fits all but “the conservative in you” can’t acknowledge that

    1. @Hugh Dougall Sorry I wasn’t thinking of the right Joe. I thought you were talking about our president Joe. If you weren’t I apologize

    2. @Konrad Kahm oh my bad yea I meant morning Joe I didn’t even consider the possible confusion

  12. The cost of living, including housing is so high. At $12 per hour, I was STILL struggling. You’re just stuck in your situation, unable to change it.

  13. I’d like it to be $15 now, but honestly they should have been slowly increasing it for DECADES now, so it doesn’t feel like a big shift.

  14. It’s not $15 right away. It’s gradual over the period of 5 years, where the standard of living will increase even more. Convenient how they leave this out.

  15. The low income people and middle class should have more money. They put it right back into the economy. It’s good for the economy

    1. AND pay the states a larger percentage of their annual income and fund a larger percentage of the state’s budget – definitely pay the first dollar towards Medicaid and to get the matching federal money of around 2.33.

    2. @kingof Troy that’s a really ignorant comment. I did go to school. I’m not seeking the minimum wage for myself. I think it’s good for the people and the economy. And I think all people should have a living wage and a decent life. I guess you think otherwise

  16. Morning Joe seems to think $15 is too much. And Joe is probably making $1000 per hour… for going blah blah blah every day

  17. When the minimum wage was first introduced in the UK there was a lot of “bleating” by the rich saying that it would lead to mass unemployment. In fact the opposite happened because the extra economic activity created more jobs than were lost and the tax take rose because of the increased wages. A government will take more tax from 100 people earning £20,000 than 1 person earning £2,000,000.

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