Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Uncertain About Coronavirus Vaccine 1

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Uncertain About Coronavirus Vaccine


Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was noncommittal on whether he would get vaccinated after having the coronavirus twice in the past eight months.

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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Uncertain About Coronavirus Vaccine


  1. Lamar is a gifted athlete and a lot of fun to watch! He’s had COVID twice, and I wonder who he may have infected along the way? What I’d say to Mr. Jackson, who we all love, is a public figure who some fans will try to emulate. Perhaps this doesn’t resonate with him? I wonder what his teammates truly think away from the media. I would ask him to think of others who are not as fortunate as he is. To try to put himself in the other person’s shoes.
    Larmar is fit, a finely tuned athlete, and he’s young; health or debilitation illness or even death may not be top of mind for him? I would much rather see Lamar Jackson on the gridiron than in a hospital bed!

  2. Yes the rider and little hiding Dixie, the rider can see the roots of a mighty oak tree and he can see the branches of the Andrew Jackson, Roman pillaging, raping, burning, war of 1830. A Roman tree is not a female and it is not a human being. Like a tree it has branches and it has leaves. These leaves soak up the sun and cast a mighty shadow. The shadow of this tree is the Neoliberal poverty of Dixie’s Cherokee spirit. As her father explained it to the problem child Dixie.

  3. You don’t want to be sacked a third time by Covid, do you Lamar? We want you on the field for the sack party when the Ravens play the Steelers.

  4. It’s sad how here in this country we look up to people because they’re rich, famous or athletes and take their word as if it’s the best decision. They are good at what they do but it’s no reason for us to follow them about anything else but what they do for a living wake up. By the way I’m born and Raised in Baltimore & a true ravens fan, but truth is the truth…

  5. To be honest After I was separated for my daughters I prayed for judgment. But they may return to me. Where they belong In which case. I make brief peace

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