1. When he punched the officer in the face is peaceful? Lol this guy’s drunk too.

    City of Atlanta also said if a criminal fires a weapon at you, unless you are dead, you can’t fire back.

    1. @john abbot The cops were never aggressive with him until AFTER Brooks punched an officer and threw the other to the ground, grabbed his taser and attempted to fire it at the officer as he eluded arrest.

    2. @Juan Garcia NO.. he “fell asleep” with the car running sitting in the drive thru. Wendy’s called 911 because he wouldn’t respond when they tried to get him to move out of the drive thru. When the cop got there, he woke him and told him to pull into a parking space.

    3. @Aaron R you are blind to everything. We dont know what could have happened because george floyd complied and had a knee on his neck so again it goes back on the police. You saying racism doesnt exist shows you are part of the problem and not the solution but at the same time you have already said multiple times you rather lookout for yourself so i doubt you would have any sense of others pain to begin with

    4. @RLT after I’ve seen more footage of the situation, deadly force , I’m not convinced. There’s got to be other ways to subdue someone that resisting. I hate seeing these guy/ people getting killed. It’s been happening to often. That tells me another way has got to happen. Use one of them things on a chain you toss at the guys legs, and it wraps around his legs, and trips him up, and now he’s half way tied up.👍

    5. @Hulkitout I never said racism didn’t exist. I wasn’t talking about George Floyd at all, either. Otherwise, think what you want about me. I know who I am, and you are free to feel however you want about me. When you stop responding with your pithy, weak, virtue signalling nonsense, I will never think of you again.

  2. He’s likely going to be found “not guilty”. This case would be a waste of time and money.

    1. Christina Jacoby
      Would it be a joke , if it was you? Not to your family.
      Are you racist or just heartless?

    2. angela palmer watch the entire freaking clip. So sick of people thinking they know the entire story and knee jerk reacting without any facts, knowledge or common sense. People like you are allowed to vote and that bothers me.

  3. So when White cops use a taser on Black college students in Atlanta its considered a deadly weapon. But when a drunk, aggressive Black man shoots a taser at white cops its not a deadly weapon???

    1. Absolutely not. You are false go back and we run the AD remarks again. I don’t believe you fully understood what he said in his remarks.

    2. james jones yep, I’d happily trade places with Michael Jordan or LeBron James, they count under “any black people in America” correct?

    3. Double standard. Remember this garbage when you head to the polls in November. Vote TRUMP 2020

  4. When cops in this county used a taser on some people earlier this year this exact DA said a taser is a lethal weapon. Now it isn’t???

    1. @h82fail No the racist DA actually said on TV that a tazer is a lethal weapon and then a week later that it was lethal, on TV.

    2. @h82fail OK, next time I’m stopped by the police off drunk driving im just going to run away, what you gonna do

    1. Yes, TWO cops with guns couldn’t stop someone running away from them without murdering him, and he wasn’t even a wanted felon. LOLOLOL.
      U.S. cops are cowards in blue.

    2. TasteMyStinkhole he had the cops taser, then pointed it at them. What did you want him to get hit with the taser?

    1. Wayne House

      Thank you for sharing brother. And even though we disagree on that, I want to thank you and complement you for being civil, and not calling me BOY.

      That type of communication from other members of your tribe is creating a lot of riot level anger throughout this nation.

      Again thank you for having a civil disagreement I really appreciate that.



  5. wow. this is what leads us to moving away from actually police brutality accusations….

    1. @Christopher Diaz, PhD you act like each aren’t they own individual person. What that guy took a lot of restraint I’ll get him that much. What happened to George was bullshit. Not so much this guy. Now could they shot somewhere else potentially risking others. You could argue that.

    2. @The drunken owl HOOT Police are trained to shoot center mass because shooing in the arm or leg, while also extremely dangerous due to the presence of major arteries, is difficult if the person is standing still, much less if they’re moving around. An officer is responsible for every bullet that leaves his weapon, so if he tries to shoot someone in the leg, misses, and hits a bystander then thats on the cop. So no, he couldn’t have just shot him elsewhere, its not even close to that simple.

    1. This moron is senile, the entire Atlanta PD needs to quit and let them all kill one another.

    1. He was covering his nose at some point in the longer version of this video. Not particularly easy to breathe in those things. This was a long press conference.

    1. @Phat Robs Sixth Amendment says you have to tell the accused WHY they’re under arrest. If you are having a cordial conversation with an officer for a half hour, and then another officer barges in and says you’re under arrest and doesn’t even tell you why, how would you feel?

    2. @Michelle Use of Force law states that a fleeing suspect can be fired on if an officer can reasonably suspect they are a danger to police or the public, given that he was firing a weapon at the officers when he was shot, its a legal shoot

    3. @Angel Sandoval if that’s the case then why didn’t they arrest on the spot? Why wait 40+ minutes? Because one officer tried to de-escalate the situation, and Rayshard established a rapport with that officer. The other one was a cowboy who unnecessarily turned the encounter from a 3 to a 10. It’s more than what you CAN do. It’s what you SHOULD do and HOW you should do it.

    1. @Jamal Clark Good call. I agree the officers were not prudent, and my opinion is they showed a lack of good training. With properly trained officers, this shooting may never have happened. בס״ד

    2. If they can get a jury that is not super biased then I think the murder wrap can be beat. But that 3 round he put into into the car in the drive thru that had people in it is going to be hard to defend. I did armor car work and the management flat out told us that if you fired your weapon and hit by standers not involved in your self defense that it was on you and not to expect backing from the company. Yes it sucks but that is part of the job to understand the environment in which you are discharging your weapon.

  6. This DA’s re-election effort is in hot water. If he hadn’t filed charges his career would have been toast.

    1. To hell with his career. He’s more worried about his job then doing what is right.

    2. Indeed. He has skillfully avoided his career being toast…by making it burnt toast instead…

    3. Its over either way !! These are the very people who are at fault these cities are so horrible anyway !!
      They all run by democrats and minorities yet msm and left want to blame Trump,cops and white people !! This is not about black lives or slavery !! Election time bullshit again .come November the Democrats will drop blacks like hot potato !!

  7. “Calm and cordial” yeah as he’s throwing punches at officers and shoots one of them with a taser to attempt to incapacitate him when he was carrying a loaded weapon owned by the state. If he took that gun away from the officer and show the other officer trust me I’m sure we’d hear nothing from any of these people.

    1. Eric Vasquez tasers are lethal weapons in the state of Georgia. Lol. Every hear of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer?

    2. Except he had no weapon, they told a drunk guy to get in his car and drive it and after shooting him in the back started kicking him. I could ask why the cop behind him didn’t taser him? He was right there?

    1. @D W If you think this shooting was justified at all you should turn in your badge now while you still can.

    2. Hope these community led projects work 😂 if the community could police itself we wouldn’t need militarized cops.

    3. @LinusMLGTips how wasnt it? He ran and tried to deploy a taser that he stole against the police.

  8. Has he seen the video? There’s nothing “calm, cordial, and cooperative” about fighting two cops only to take a taser and aim it at one of them.
    This is just gaslighting at this point.

    1. TruVlogTv life threatening or not a weapon is still a weapon, and this “terrorism” was against a drunk dude driving, resisting arrest, then proceeding to try using a taser on an officer, get off the high horse

    2. @Dougie I think the point is they didn’t follow procedure so in the end, yes the arrest was unlawful and hence the execution of lethal force then becomes unlawful. Its like the aubrey thing, if they wouldn’t have chased and corned him…. Truth is there are laws, and folks, everyone needs to be held accountable to them… Dude shot a man, while unlawfully attempting to detain him, the man fought for his life, then attempted to flee… When he was murdered. This is why we need to have better people as police, and pay them accordingly. This kind of nonsense right here.

    3. James Thomas “unlawful” is not defined by HOW you arrest someone, only if the arrest is warranted or not. Clearly it was, and thus it is lawful. Just like a citizens arrest.

    4. James Thomas and they don’t have to read you your Miranda rights unless they want to question you. He clearly stated that Rayshard had been drinking and driving and was now under arrest. It’s pretty clear why he is being arrested and rightfully so because he did in fact commit a very serious crime and could have killed many people with his reckless behavior.

  9. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    (COPY AND PASTE) USA today is taking down any comments that are criticizing them. #FREESPEECH

    1. Then, they have to take ALL of them down.
      Haven’t seen many comments in favor of this jerkNews channel

  10. D.A. Howard two weeks ago: “Tasers are deadly weapons.”
    D.A. Howard today: “Officer Rolfe’s life was not in danger. A taser is not a deadly weapon.”

    1. A Girl Has No Name — I’m brown and I agree with them. Because after the whites are gone, they’ll turn on the Hispanics and the Indians and Asians. Like they’re doing in New Mexico and NYC.

    2. Because all these bigots snowflakes ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️knob job each other for comfort as if that ‘ll have affect on the out come of the trial … U know the same cowards blah blah blah about law an order ….

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