1. @Al Electric Actually you can… the Feds can’t police in a Province without it. This is why ultimately the act will be justified. When Premier Ford refused to take action… the Feds can invoke Emergencies Act to supersede Ford’s lack of action, since the Protests were Nation Wide and had disrupted Trade with USA.

    2. @Tone the blockades were ALL cleared before the invocation of the emergencies act, only the convoy in Ottawa remained, which is why the emergencies act WILL NOT be deemed to have been justified

    3. @Tone wrong wrong wrong
      The EA is for if someone do violently taking over government and none of that was close to happening

    1. @Tone you would think Sloly is dead in the water, but wait. He got passed over for chief in Toronto when they took Mark saunders. Sounds stupid but Toronto is famous for doing stupid things

  1. She should of asked trudeau when are you going to fix what you created. Thats what lucki should of demanded trudeau do his job instead of running away day 1.

    1. She is in no position to demand that lol! What do you think? Because she’s a high ranking RCMP officer she has the authority to ask that? Wow 😂

  2. It’s is beyond irrelevant if any other police department or branch was “losing confidence” in the Ottawa police…. It was the Ottawa police’s jurisdiction to police as they saw fit, period. Regardless, you can’t invoke the emergencies act based on a subjective feeling of discontent

    1. Not still….rather….again. They’re bringing back the masking, this is virtue signalling. Blackface has been doing the same. Here we go again….round #2 coming up…….how far will they push it this time? 🤷

  3. How about listening to the convoy participants. This would have been the way forward. But not for the Liberals.

    1. The crybaby convoy couldn’t even decide who was in charge, let alone what their demands were. Was the PM supposed to speak to each individual lunatic personally? Use your brain for once

  4. How idiotic would someone have to be to ware a mask when everyone else is maskless? It’s a cloth 95 replica I think.

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