1. I think it’s hypocritical to put a label on racism. Changing the streets name.. are they going to take down the Lincoln Memorial. What about taking down . And the iconic Mount Rushmore. Are they going to rename Washington DC. We can’t undo history but we can learn and we write history. What about renaming States abama to South Carolina North Carolina taxes . Mississippi . Georgia all Confederate States

  2. Maybe forcing a pipeline through their land with RCMP armed to the teeth isn’t the best thing to do then

    1. With the Liberal government racking up debt close to a trillion dollars, a pipeline selling commodities offshore is the only way to pay it down. That or tax everyone more till they are broke.

    1. I agree with that there is no point if the cops can turn them off. The one thing I don’t agree with the offices can wear body cameras. And record you but if you record the offices they get all temperamental abought it.

  3. All because it’s an election year Trump2020Landslide – TrudeauBlackFace3x is part of this systemic racism

  4. “there is no denying the existence of systemic racism in all Canadian institutions”
    And NOT a shred of proof is offered up to support this vile attack on Canada by its own PM.

  5. The claim is it would be too much video to search. Told to me by a RCMP officer when I asked why they didn’t have them.
    That officer was my son.

  6. If she struggles with this idea, she is in the wrong job. I have worked and lived in 18 countries and believe Canada is now the least racist of any. At least since Mackenzie King fell from power.

  7. Brenda Lucki, racism is like covid 19, assume you have it. And in your case, self-isolate immediately.

  8. Honestly Commissioner stand with your officers, start telling the real truths you have all the arrest records of various minority groups. Would be interesting to know the results that haven’t been skued by Stats Can.

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