RE: Address to the Nay tion by Acting Prime Minister

Hi All,

As I have said before I will say again.

No Government is perfect and some even less so.

We have a small piece of land we all love, and it does not take much to make it reasonably prosperous if we put our heads together, because we have a large collection of brains and expertise, let us put our minds together and DO something that all will be able to see in Dominica.

I know that talk in and out of DA is a prosperous business but for the sake of our forefathers (dead and Alive)  EC Loblack, Pyllis Alfrey,TA Boyd, Active, PJ,Frank Baron, OJ, Mamo,Rosie, Micheal, Pierre Charles, Edison James, Star lestrade, Thomas Baptiste and many more who all contributed in some way or other to bring us forward DO something BIG for DA.

Let me take this opportunity, for the purpose of putting him back on track, to castigate Tony Astaphan for failing to ensure the constitutional post of OMBUDSMAN has been appointed, when he and I among others harassed the UWP so much to appoint one when he is now in a position of power and influence to bring it about.

Tony I have nothing against you but I still have the fire to see the OMBUDSMAN appointed.

 May God bless all readers and by His spirit stir up ideas of worth to move our place of birth forward.

 I also wish to thank all those who have purchased my book “Monopoly Breaker”.

 Ron Abraham.




If you are a Government spokesman please state so that all will address you accordingly, if you are not please return to the objective person you were known to be at one time.


Please abstain from lambasting me because I dare to say that.


Ron Abraham.


Dominicans home and abroad.


We were a people who worked hard and did not stand for nonsense.


Dominica is not as developed as many others because we would not stand for nonsense because it “appears” that we have a bowl begging from the Chinese or any other nation we can still refuse their food if they attack our mother or brother or brethren. If a Dominican went to a Dominican’s home to beat him up and he got chopped what would we have said?


Or is it that we are “so hungry” that we must say thank you “Bwana”.


Ron Abraham.

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