RE: Budget debate

On 7/17/2010 1:48 PM, Philipson Dobson wrote:

I welcome and appreciate your comments, very deep indeed and theoretical and also pragmatic. You are not going to get anywhere with “change” as long as the poor people, vulnerable people, are used abused and uneducated and  use the resources of Dominica to give handouts and promote this “soap Opera” style of government, one of fear, silence etc. Hitler adopted this strategy, Mugabe does (“Zumbabwe is mine”), Mussilini did. Therefore it is  in the voice and preparedness of the people. PJ tried and he fell  and no one thought that he would, he went too far. So, you ask who….it is the people when they are ready — you and I , consciously when we are ready. When….Good question God help us.


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