Re: Debate on presidential nominee unnecessary, says PM Skerrit

ROSEAU VALLEY September 26, 2013

Mr. Skerrit, you are wrong. You may be able to fool those Dominicans who are suffering from “blind political loyalty to the DLP” or “political tribalism” according to your advisor Hartley Henry but not all right thinking Dominicans will be fooled.
Sir, whereas the debate over your nominees for president, including those who were DISCARDED and the one to be DISCARDED is indeed unnecessary and should never have been occurred, it has become necessary in light of your repeated disrespect for our constitution and the people of Dominica.
As per Section 19.1 of the constitution of Dominica, consultation is a requirement with a view to arriving at a consensus on a joint-nominee, which would eliminate, no only this current debate but the need for
(i) parliament to meet;
(ii) a 14 day window;
(iii) nomination by the Opposition or three members of House and
(iv) election in parliament
Your continued disrespect for the constitution of Dominica is so deep rooted that you have actually declared that no law …no constitution will prevent you from doing what you want. Now you feel comfortable in declaring openly “there are other important things that should occupy your [wicked] mind over the next several days and weeks because essentially there are very few instances in the Constitution that allows the president to satisfy his discretion.” What does that statement mean?
Clearly, in your opinion, too hell with the Presidency! Too hell with the constitution of Dominica! To hell with the people of Dominica!…it is PM Skerrit who is in-charge of running the country, not the president, since Dominica does not have an executive president. So that is what all this is about! Further, we note your use of the same word that you and your loud cronies have criticized Mr. James for using in a statesman-like manner, “in-charge”. So you are in-charge Sir? In a democracy, it is only the people who hold the true power-not those who think that they are in power. Good luck
Roseau Valley”

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