Re-engaging Tourism Workers with Damion Crawford | TVJ Smile Jamaica

Re-engaging Tourism Workers with Damion Crawford | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1


  1. The entire world is discussing the next pandemic and you are talking about developing the fragile tourism industry

  2. Crawford you are not the solution…the hotels are making more than enough profits to pay the workers fairly… be for the people first

  3. If people feel they want a better life than the slavery practices at the hotel then let them go. Working on a cruise ship will give better money but the work life is NO better than the hotels and may be even worse with LONG hours and sometimes so much work they can’t leave ship when it docks at port. But a new experience elsewhere will be good!

  4. I remember when they used to allow tipping , it boosted productivity because the person getting good tips would b the ones doing better work or service hence others tried to do the same … but the hotel sees this as the workers getting too much money…and the contracting thing is demotivating as u r unsure of your future.. takes these out and give the workers pride in the brand they represent and u won’t av to worry..

  5. Please fast n pray 🙏🙏🙏 only to the most high of the highest who designed n create heavens n earth 🌎⚡💦⛅🌟🌒🌈 sky wind thunder humanity animals Marcy forgiveness love peace respect n unity sela to all MP’s n business owner’s please think positive listen 👂👂 to all the crying of the island 🏝️ Jamaican people we r suffering deperss stress out preacher bus’s pipe’s please take yr hands ✋✋ n foot 👣 off our necks it’s a George flide ting the schools 🏫 n water 💦 bills is too high for US sela the food n closein price is too high for US sela the light on house 🏠 n rent prices is too high for US sela we work hard n our pay still can’t pay these bills we can’t by decent food to eat truncornmeal tin mackerel n flour sela please we r askin all MPS n business owner’s to come together pray 🙏 n stop all the guns frm come into Jamaica sela please rember sir Markus Garvey said dnt wait until our back is against the wall sela

  6. The hotels industry in Jamaica need to be unionized and the government of Jamaica need to do more to protect all Jamaican that works in the hotel industry, you can’t have people working in someone business establishment for decades and them just look at dem and tell go home don’t come back you or fired Just like that that should not happen, we or living a twenty first century were technology or so advance where people can file any complaint if they have a problem with their employer, so I’m saying to the Jamaican government and politicians unionize the hotels industry to protect Jamaican who or working in the hotel industry…..

  7. My next commen is that rich Jamaican need to invest their money Jamaica more the government need to Break down some of those old building downtown Kingston and build some luxury apartments and condominiums building on the waterfront downtown Kingston i can bet it will sell like hot bread…

  8. Damion Crawford has a great vision for Jamaica and Jamaicans. He ses us as strong resilient people who can feed ourselves and educate our people and fund our progress and not forever sucking at the breasts of so called “donor partners,” who end up calling the shots in every aspect of Jamaican’ lives.

    1. Crawford is a career politician. Don’t buy what he’s selling. They are all the same. Including Crawford.

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