Justice & Crime in Dominica

To : Dr Peter St Jean & Mr David Michael

I write to you both because I sense that justice is not well served in Dominica..I need not recite details of the cases.. of corruption., maladministration of the courts, (multiple adjournments is a new industry), violations of constitution and law.. The recent case… three persons have been charged with forging passports and birth certificates.. two are denied bail and kept in jail and the third Kimana James is bailed out by her aunt.. parliamentarian Sonya Williams..Seems weird!!!

The public is outraged because there is an emerging pattern of discrimination depending on how closely the charged person  is to the DLP regime..

I do not believe that this is the time for Dominican citizens especially those with expertise in criminology and criminal investigation, lawyers and other persons  of good will including yourselves to stay on the sidelines when we need desperately to have key players on the field of play to bring semblance of sanity to the justice system and adherence to the law

It would be to the benefit of the national interest if you jointly offered your services on some appropriate arrangement to the law enforcement agencies at this crucial time…

C A Shillingford

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