‘Read a book or two’: Freeland, Bergin spar over rising inflation sparked by COVID-19

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland and Conservative MP Candice Bergen spared over the growing rate of inflation during question period.

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    1. Are you serious? Freeland just quoted a bunch of actually economists while the Conservative just complained. The con offered np alternative policies. Just said “This is your fault for doing exactly what economists said we should” I shudder to think about what our country would look like if we had a conservative government at the height of the pandemic.

  1. Here’s the problem: if it’s extreme inflation or extreme deflation they both have the exact same effect on people’s bank accounts. It’s time to knock some sense into these jokers. What’s the flipping difference?

  2. I do not believe governments should behave this way, both sides. If you say something, it better be backed up with facts. Blabbing your lips is a waste of everybody’s time.

  3. Freeland talks as if she is speaking to little kids. Just her voice is terribly annoying. And the rest of her as well.

  4. Replace O’toole with Candice Bergen. Beautiful, sharp, experienced – she’d make a helluva better PC leader than O Toole

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