1. Common sense that both sides should hear. I’m a legal gun owner and I don’t disagree with his suggestions.

  2. Who is giving this guy air time? Are you crazy- this dude is so in love with himself- go away Mattgew

    1. Who gave this guy air time? Judging by the backdrop, I think it’s the President of the United States that gave him air time.

      An Uvalde resident. A gun owner. Any questions?

  3. See this is a republican I would be proud to follow. I def wouldn’t be a democrat anymore of the Republican party regained it’s sanity.

  4. …and then he got on a plane to Mexico to do a speech on behalf of the 18 innocent Mexicans who were lined up and executed by a Drug Cartel on the same day. NOT.

    1. @Seven Nine Three jushdinternashanhuldepressure!! My butts been wiped!!

    1. It’s not about that. Look at these shooting and how many obtained these weapons legally. You are missing the point.

    2. DaKs Day – That’s probably a fair point. But it’s this kind of attitude that doesn’t help any kind of reform. If they’re made illegal then that’s a start.

  5. This is such a horrendous tragedy. But it’s not the fault of an inanimate object. It’s the fault of a dark heart and soul.

  6. Gun owner here and no one is talking about the ammunition gun is worthless with the ammunition period

  7. Nice clicking of the mouth there. It’s all just such a joke.

  8. Don’t care what these celebrities want to do with our rights,they don’t live where we live

    1. He’s literally from the place where the shooting happened. What are you talking about?

  9. this is hilarious. usually when a show trots out celebrity guest appearances, it means theyre on their last ropes.

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