Reality Check: Could this year be the year of the third party?


    1. @dan dansen lol they will all end up making alliances with each other and in the end it will still be 2 major rival parties, both of them being formed from alliances of like 3-4 smaller parties

  1. Yes, we need more independents in Congress. They do not necessarily have to form a specific party.

  2. Moderates of both parties will eventually come together… The extremists are too in control of both parties.

  3. Independent is a 4 letter word in U.S. politics. Most of us agree on most things, but they don’t want us to know that. It’s bad for business.

  4. As an Independent in FL I agree, and I will vote as an Independent , we NEED a third party, cause neither the right nor the left leaves us with great choices.

    1. I am a independent from Tampa Bay Florida as well and fully agree with you however in the mean time, I will vote for democrat untill we get by all these issues with the trump family but there is right and wrong in both the current parties somewhere.

  5. The US has been in need of a 3rd viable party for decades. The divide between the Dems and Reps has continued to grow to the point where they are only working for themselves and not the state or country.

  6. The establishment will not allow it, theres a reason we only have 2 parties, to keep us divided & distracted so the establishment can continue to get away with being criminals.

  7. I’ve voted independent my whole life . 99 % of my vote history has purposely been to not support the 2 party system. We need a 3rd party

  8. Australia elected this year more independents than at any time in our history. If you were to add them all up they would be the 4th largest party (if you ignore the senate) with 10 seats out of 227 in the Upper House (which is similar to the House of Representatives in the US). Prior to that you might see 2 – 5 independents win seats. For the past 4 elections the number of independents has been steadily increasing. Their politics range from center right to center left.

  9. I’ve been really depressed, about voting, this year. I’m a registered Democrat, but the Democrats, in my state are too far left. They only care about identity politics, and revisionist history, and aren’t doing anything for the average citizen, while taxing us into poverty. So, I looked at the Republicans. They’re even madder. Many are Qanon or radical christian nationalists. Yikes. I’m so happy Betsy Johnson is running. That’s one office where I don’t have to write in my adult children’s names, or my cat’s.

  10. Finally! Level headed, reasonable, centrist, and free to make good decisions for the benefit of State and country.

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