Record Number Of Children Hospitalized In Louisiana With Covid-19 1

Record Number Of Children Hospitalized In Louisiana With Covid-19


Morgan Chesky brings the latest from the Children's Hospital in New Orleans as a record number of children are hospitalized in Louisiana with Covid-19. 
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    1. Less than 500 children have died of covid since the beginning of the pandemic in the US. There’s roughly 50 million children (0-17) in the US. That’s a 0.00001% chance a kid dies of covid. MSNBC and CNN won’t tell you that, because then they’d have nothing to report about.

    2. The real pandemic is stupidity. Unfortunately preliminary studies show there is an average of a 7 point decrease in IQ among some people recovering from covid. The virus is going to make the stupid even stupider!

    3. @J Groovy aaaaaaw jeeez dude I dunno what the solution is. All I can say is U better get some storeable food in the house and something to drink…it’ coming

    4. @Guillermo Rosell who can put these people back in life, unfortunately they run this life and they will continue. That’s the way it is

    1. I am aware of the grammatical error of lack of comma. Thank you and I appreciate your cantor.

    1. @larry5200 the 150 hospitalized kids in Florida don’t really have Covid? Ok we will believe a trumpf cult member instead of all the physicians

    1. Brainwashing, the same people that are selling the vaccine has sold the pandemic. Many sheeps among Us

    1. Agreed. Where’s children’s aid? This is criminal negligence at the very least. They are putting their children in harms way. They have ZERO right to be a parent.

    2. I wonder what people of the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic thought, a lot of parallels. They had anti maskers along with a lot of citizens ignoring public health guidelines. They even had lockdowns, mask mandates, ban on public gatherings, non essential business shuttered , etc.

    3. @Scott Harrison
      First of all, I doubt info coming from you.
      Second, they could be green children from the other side of the galaxy for all I care. It changes nothing.

    New Zealand finished the Covid race with 26 deaths 1 year ago.
    China finished the race on 14 January 2021 with 4,636 deaths.
    America is still struggling mid way through the race with 631,816 Covid deaths with 600 more each day.

    1. As with any pandemic, your reaction in the first few weeks will dictate the next few years. This is 100% a Trump administration *failure.*

    2. Thanks to Donald F’ing Trump, what a loser! He has killed more Americans than anyone in our history. Just think about that.

  2. Absolutely disgusting that those ppl are sacrificing their own children to prove a point with no merit and a deadly outcome.

    1. ​@Real100Talk I’m not doubting your car statistics, mostly. It’s you comparing riding in a car to getting a vaccine that’s the problem, especially given the fact that you’re including all car crash fatalities, not just children. So the comparison is not analogous. Might as well compare choking deaths from eating food or tripping and falling deaths.

      Besides, you apparently didn’t even bother to read the video headline, let alone watch the clip. Child *hospitalizations*, not deaths, are going up. As was stated, a few weeks ago it was 1%, then 7%, and now 14%. Half of the admitted patients at that hospital are children, four of whom are under 2 years old.

      Of course, you could figure that child deaths from COVID will also rise, but that has always been a lagging indicator–meaning that if the infection and hospitalization rates continue to increase, then an increase in death rates will surely follow.

    2. Absolutely disgusting that those who believe in putting a chemical in their children based by fear that is known for killing people. Shame on you you will reap what you sow

    3. @bert larsen So many idiots cling to conspiracy theories but Ill bet while your denying covid you cult cronies cashed those stimulus checks!!!

    4. @Ashley Mone’t if you don’t want yours I’m sure you can give it away or send it back. There’s plenty of church’s, sick,and homeless that your share could help

  3. American mentally,
    Is ok a few kids die as long as your choice not to use a mask is not taken from you.
    American beauty

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