Record Number of Guns & Drugs Seized | Cash App Founder Killed #tvjmiddaynews

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  1. A father was picking up his child at the school and you don’t his identity 😂😂😂.so how you know it is the child father 😊😮

  2. How sad and disturbing to take the man out in front of children. These people have no conscience.

  3. I got no riches but I am happy that I got another day to live.
    This super rich people actually got many people who envy them and behind closed doors want them to disappear.
    My condolences to cash app owner families and I hope he didn’t have kids.
    Now he will be in heaven and he will probably create a way for us to communicate to heave tru an app 😂
    The angel are singing because a new soul has arrived.

  4. Poor people get sentences the most than the big guys …they can name the Poor man dem drugs but not NOT 1 BIG GUYS INVOLVED 😢😢

  5. The crimes situations in Jamaica is going to get worse, but the only thing that is very bad about it. They are only killing the same people in their neighborhoods and, the rich guys them, they leave them alone. Because they are the ones should be robbed, not your poor neighbors them. When the Jlp party government ministers them is depriving the people them from hustling,then you are going to have a very high crime rates in Jamaica. Because if the United States largest retailer stores is laying off thousands of workers, you know the negative effects. It is going to affect Jamaica and elsewhere, because some of the workers. Maybe from Jamaica and other countries, where people is depending on their family members for help. So you can know what is going to happen now,more crimes increased in the United States.

  6. Why did it take so long for the Jamaican government to tackle the guns coming into Jamaica?
    Why didn’t Jamaica seek international help 30 years ago? Now they are trying to catch the horse after it has gone through the gate. Only an intervention from the Lord can help Jamaica

  7. These firearm sezied where are they how come we dont see them labeled and destroyed publicly.They are sold right to criminals

  8. Tvj need to cover jamaican news and do investigative journalism going undercover and expose corruption and criminality in government and the private sector and leave walmart and american bussines alone but they wont only crime and violence because it easy

  9. I am crying for justice I cannot get any justice in this country Jamaica my name is Adva Rose I am facing the biggest injustice I ever see I am crying for justice please hear my cry

  10. I don’t know how uno read statistics but more persons are charged because more persons is entering the business in other words more persons are becoming criminals… Smh

  11. Jamaicans yard and abroad, whenever you hear the name/title: Justice “Do Road”(send criminals back on the road) BRYAN SKYKES, you should call for his resignation, total disgrace to the justice system and the thousands of innocent citizens who have lost their lives by the very elements that he gave bails to come back and finish where they left off.

  12. I’m surprised he mentioned the January guns seized at the ports. That was a lame move, not waiting to see who’ll collect it and get all those involved than just get the goods. Smh

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