Recordings Reveal Trump, Allies Attempting To Pressure Arizona Election Officials 1

Recordings Reveal Trump, Allies Attempting To Pressure Arizona Election Officials

Ali Velshi shares reporting by the Arizona Republic of messages from Donald Trump and his allies attempting to pressure the Maricopa County, Arizona board of supervisors, the group that oversees elections in the county, and talks with Pennsylvania State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta about efforts to replicate Arizona's post-election spectacle in Pennsylvania. 
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  1. “Who is it?” “The President of the United States of America.” “I’m not here!”

    1. He should have taken the call. Then there would be evidence of Trump interfering with the election.

    2. @ Canuck Progressive. actually he said “father, take this cup away from me, but as you will”.

  2. If they are looking at the votes of the citizens, the people funding it should be shared. We have a right to know who is handling our personal and private votes. What are they going to do with the information secured from these ballots? We have a right to know.

    1. @Matthew Robert Witherspoon Did you really just threaten the Democrats that you’re going to hang them wow

    2. @Matthew Robert Witherspoon They are not counting the ballots because the ballots have already been counted and recounted and audited when are you guys ever going to wake up and realize Trump lost the election fair and square don’t you ever threaten a Democrat saying you’re going to hang them

    3. @M Ball Your talking about education will guess what Trump never really went to school let alone High School let alone College because Trump had his daddy pay everybody to do his homework for him Trump didn’t do s*** accept walk around on the campus and that’s a fact but you go ahead and you follow that trumpet that has no education and never graduated college but good luck was that

    4. @Nan S Exactly they are overdue they were supposed to be done a while back but they haven’t so they decided to take people’s private mail-in ballots and take it to some Barn in Montana you are right this is a scam that is all it is plain and simple and you’re right they would have shown something if they knew there was evidence

    1. @Derrick Kinney what fake evidence did they present?
      It collapsed because we all knew the republican members of the Seante were not going to convict no matter what because they’re corrupt cowards.

    2. @Tracy Rowe
      The judicial system is flawed big time
      It’s the cause for Bill Cosby being released

    3. @Todd Graves because Hunter Biden is a private citizen and not the president. Because there is no evidence to prove said laptop even exists. Because the investigation into it is ongoing and if there is anything to report it will be reported.
      And were you not paying attention? It was mentioned constantly before the election.
      I find it amusing that you accuse MSNBC and the like for being advertisers for the Biden administration when Fox News, OANN and Newsmax exist.

    4. @Tracy Rowe
      If the only thing tRUMP is guilty of is trying to get others to break law doesn’t that make him an accessory to the crime

    5. @Tracy Rowe That he called at all. “I just need you to find me x votes. If you don’t, you’ll be treated badly.”
      Can you admit trump’s school and charity were shut down as frauds. That he is an adjudicated con man.

  3. It’s not about overturning the last election so much as it is about overturning future ones.

    1. It’s why republicans are losing legitimacy and voters fast. They lost Georgia and already lost Arizona. By next election they are losing a Texas. Boomers are dying tens-of-thousands by the day.

  4. This man and his enabler should be punished severely and held accountable for what they did, otherwise it will become a norm for corrupt president in future to do the same thing.

    1. @Jordan Dontworryaboutit so desperate to find something bad but unable to so just start making up fake news. I see where you are going here.

    2. @D Man Honey, it started with Reagan, economy soared. Went into recession with Bush Sr. Clinton saved it. Dubya caused us the Great Recession. Obama saved it. Trump built on that for two years, then it started declining and it plummeted with COVID-19. Biden is now improving upon it. Any more questions, sweetheart?

    3. @Real American im sorry but Obama economy and stock market was bases off stimulus money there was nothing good about what Obama did , Trump got elected because of Obama and turned things back around . remember the magic wand Trump waved around that Obama said did not exist. it’s amazing when you stop selling America to China and Iran and start focusing on America, get a clue.

    4. @Real American Nope, according to the standard the left set, Trumps economy didn’t kick in until March of 2020, it was all Obama inheritance otherwise.
      So by the same standard, this is all Trumps Econemy until March 2024.

  5. When are the results of the Georgia investigation going to come out? That phone call was all they needed, right? It was only arranged/recorded after Trump tried to contact Raffensperger 18 TIMES.

    1. It wont come out. The god you worship aka the state has failed as anyone could have told you

    2. @Tamme Brown… Ummm???… Care to Elaborate!!??… No Clue as to what you’re referring to!!??

    3. I believe the district attorney of Georgia is charging Trump for trying to interfere in the election by cheating but I will have to go look it up and see how close they are to arresting him

    4. @Mary Durham I think she’s talking about those fake witness’s that were in a hotel to make it look like that they were speaking to an official committee but those entire stories have been debunked I cracked up laughing when I read so many trumpsters actually believing that this was a real live official committee listening to witness’s over there lies about the election and the counting they were so stupid to believe that crap

  6. I love how everyone who’s ever talked to Trump was like “sh** I need to record this or I’m screwed”

    1. Actually, it’s to pull money money money.
      Talk with a Billionaire, ask them what’s what in their world. It’s always the same.

      PSSSTTT, I know 2. Once you hit B status, your life is always a shitstorm of money sucking LOSERS.

    2. @Apollo Your comment would have merit it it happened to real billionaires, not just fake ones with the last name of tRUMP. When was the last time Bezos, Gates, Musk, Buffet etc were recorded for money, money, money?

  7. People who are instigating this should face jail if they make false clams or interfere with votes

  8. The POTUS pressures Arizona to find ballots, and continues to bug them over and over…. then these yahoos hire some 3rd party company to “forensic audit” the ballots, with an owner who has literal partisan messages on his social media. At what point are we to believe any of this nonsense?

  9. It seems I remember Dump calling the AZ Governor at the moment he was certifying the election results!

  10. Fun Fact: “Capone was convicted on five counts of income tax evasion on October 17, 1931, and was sentenced a week later to 11 years in federal prison.”

  11. “Equal justice under law” – the biggest lie in America. If any of us normal folk did anything remotely like this we’d be in trouble, but they get away with it 100%

  12. What a clown show. However, the company performing these so called audits is surely laughing all the way to the bank.

  13. As of today, they’ve been ‘auditing’ the ballots in Arizona for 70 days! If they haven’t found irregularities by now, it’s not gonna happen.
    I think, we citizens, should consider class action lawsuits against any State Senate, for recklessly handling our ballots – our RIGHT to vote is being compromised, after the fact.
    If Democrats were doing this, there would be c*vil w*r.

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