Redlener: If Things Don’t Change Dramatically, We Could Have ‘600,000 - 800,000 Fatalities’ | MSNBC 1

Redlener: If Things Don’t Change Dramatically, We Could Have ‘600,000 – 800,000 Fatalities’ | MSNBC


MSNBC public health analyst Dr. Irwin Redlener warns that if Trump and his administration do not create more regulations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, there is a likelihood that we could lose another 600-800,000 people before a vaccine is widely available Aired on 09/18/2020.
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Redlener: If Things Don’t Change Dramatically, We Could Have ‘600,000 – 800,000 Fatalities’ | MSNBC


  1. The number one job of the President is to protect the American people and he failed. He does not deserve another four years.

    1. @Claire Feng Only citizens and greencard holders can come home from anywhere at any time. Flights were closed to everyone else.

    1. The impeachment turned out to be a critical life or death vote. If Trump had been removed before the end of January 2020, or even February 2020, it would have saved 100s of 1000s of lives.

    2. @Vendicar Kahn you honestly believe there’s any crimes they could charge Trump with. The Democrats change laws and made hearsay admissible in court to impeach him but he has all these crimes they’re letting slide okay

    3. @vshah1010 absolutely wrong. If the world health organization came clean in January when Taiwan told them what was up that would have saved lives. If China had a band all travel out of Wuhan instead of just internal travel from Wuhan that would have saved lives. I don’t know when the real estate investor businessman would be the person to blame for a pandemic. If you want to hold those responsible for this then the blame lies with world health organization and China itself you realize it’s a global pandemic in Trump is only the president of the United States. Seriously it’s time to put political parties aside and accept the fact that more than likely we were hit with a biological weapon. If all that’s important to you is blaming Trump then you’re a huge part of the problem

    4. @toddburress68 Yes, it was a planned attack, and the attack was planned for early 2020.

      However, Trump knew more information on how deadly the virus was before he was telling people it was a “hoax”.

    1. I knew when Trump announced he was running for President. But then I knew Nixon was going to be bad for our country in 1968 when I was 12.

    2. Yeah, who could possibly have guessed that a draft-dodging, scam-University running, contractor-stiffing, serially-buIIshiting, multiple bankrupt with daddymoney would have turned out to be a bad bet as President?

  2. Too bad his cult 45 don’t care, they’ll die for their leader and he knows it but like a homicidal maniac he just doesn’t care!?

    1. Wtf are you talking about? China lied to the world about this virus and how dangerous it was, when it first started in late 2019.

    2. @Texas-7111 Freedom and Liberty! It’s not China’s job to protect us! Trump said he likes to play it down and blocked real mask from being sent to every American only treasonous cult 45ers are supporting your downplayer in chief

    3. @Rocky Rock lol China lied to the world, about this virus and thousands people died all over the world! not just in the USA.

    4. @Rocky Rock he blocked flights from China, while Democrats call that racism, back in February 2020. don’t be stupid now.

  3. *LISTEN VERY WELL! Just like there is no immediate way of testing 350 million people. There is no immediate way of Vaccinating 350 million people. 500,000 people will DIE if Americans don’t change behaviors! Mask would have really slow this down!*

    1. If they made masks mandatory in January we wouldn’t be this bad.what trump didnt do is criminal. From January to June he knew and did NOTHING he tweeted out free yourself. That was telling them to go disobey your governors order to protect their citizens. He wanted to send them to infect others and possibly die. He should be charged

    1. Lily Zavala
      …..It REALLY does
      Please vote responsibly !!
      Please help perhaps an older neighbour or family member get out to vote !!
      It’s SOOOOOOO important

    2. As long as we’re all smart enough to vote for Trump we already know about Joe Biden and what he’s up to and a bribe to Ukraine to get his little boy out of trouble with our tax money I will never vote for that crap oh by the way here’s the video of him bragging about it

    3. Lily, you are too fat and tired to do that. Just sit back and watch the show. Moving a finger further than the potato chip bag just isn’t worth the effort.

      Donald Trump is going to win re-election easily.

      Voting is just a waste of time.

  4. Donald Trump supporters have been conditioned, manipulated, brainwashed. and they will not leave their father Trump has full control of their sub-conscience.

  5. Trump gets foolishly impeached for making an obscene phone call and now that he is the Butcher of buchenwald he gets off scot-free

    1. Soooo sad, she tried valiantly to survive ‘til a new president could fill her seat, as she recently expressed to her granddaughter.

    2. You are going to find it even worse when Trump is re-elected.

      Trump Popularity 43.0% More than enough for him to be re-elected.


    3. @Vendicar Kahn Spoken like a seasoned russian troll undermining confidence in the integrity of the election, just like IQ45.

  6. Wow according to Trump’s supporters the pandemic is a hoax, or no more dangerous then the flu, so why do we need a vaccine at warp speed, huh go figure that one out?!?!? It’s like if you talk to trump supporters all in the same room they all believe different lies, they must not talk to each other at his rallies!!!

    1. kemwer shabbaka Trump will have the death of as many Americans as the 2018 pandemic on his hands in 6 months. Yet thousands of ignorant and uneducated supporters will not care. Now we can understand why dictators like Hitler could have the influence they did. The people were oblivious to the real truth in the hope of living in a
      Utopian society no matter the cost. See where that led them and where it will lead us. People of Trump, wake up, our future democracy depends it !

  7. A study from the Brookings institution said that if the US had followed guidelines like other western countries it would have saved 100 thousand lives and 9 million jobs

  8. His “supporters” at this point will NEVER change their minds- they have lost them- they aren’t the kind of people who will use abstract thought and change their opinion

    1. Ya, they lost them decades ago when they started voting for traitors like Ronald Alzheimers Reagan.

      It’s far too late to change now.

      Just walk away.

    1. You are going to have to amend the constitution to have that be the case.

      You have neither the time or the votes for that.

      So Trump has 6 months to make his pick, and for the Republican majority in the senate to confirm that pick.


    2. If Trump had been removed before the end of January 2020, or even February 2020, it would have saved 100s of 1000s of lives. It was not known at that time

    3. Everyone must force senate to not allow any Supreme Court judge nomination by an impeached president and on election year. Moscow mitch make a mockery of our Supreme Court and mitch McConnell and a corrupted senates has to be stop.

    4. Frances Gregory why? Impeachment is NOT a factor in a presidents RIGHT to nominate , and the senates duty to confirm. Checkmate

  9. Taiwan: 7 deaths in total.
    USA: 200,000 deaths so far.
    Taiwanese President took early warnings from China serious, protected life of her citizens.
    Trump: “….blablabla……China should have done my job and protect our citizens……blablabla…..China virus!……blablabla…..”

  10. Trumps lies and incompetence have turned America into the global epicentre of the C19 virus and trashed its economy.

  11. Schiff: ‘How much damage can he do between now and the election? A lot. He can do a lot of damage.’ The GOP is DEAD.

    1. @lexas GOP dead? Right now it’s Trumps GOP. Trump has made a lot of Republican enemies. He does not care. It’s Trumps way.

  12. So 300 thousand more of you are going to die! Because trump wants rallys? These are not job numbers you know. They’re deaths!

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