Reduction in Crime | School Reopens Despite Flooding | TVJ Midday News – Mar 8 2022

Reduction in Crime | School Reopens Despite Flooding | TVJ Midday News - Mar 8 2022 1


  1. Jamaica school will never be on track with other countries schools when it come to teaching because most of Jamaica teacher are not well trained to teach the children.
    Some teacher don’t even understand some of the mathematics in the books that the schools used, I know for a fact, this is why so many children in Jamaica are so low in Mathematics.
    Some teacher do not used the mathematics books that the government provided, they used their own books to teach the children and that’s a darn shame.

  2. The story of the lowering of crime in the Orange Grove residential area is illustrative of what happens when citizens and a police force staffed by competent people share a common goal of creating a living space where you can live and thrive.

  3. Why is it that a Jamaican degree is not recognized in first world countries but first world countries degrees is highly recognized in Jamaica, and we get better and more advanced teaching in ja.

  4. We continue to pray for Jamaica, eternal father bless our Land guide us with your mighty hands keep us free from evil powers,…..🇯🇲

  5. Miss Lady go speak to the mayor he is the cause of the problem you know I know every mayor’s and CEO in each parish doing a poor job United prime minister I’ll wait for the people to go out there and block the road to ask him to remove all mayors and CEO

  6. The people she here doesn’t and blind because dem talk frighten to get killed shame on the beautiful island but is a but

  7. If I have the power to deal with these people trust me then regret every minute every second believe me when I tell you that

  8. Yes that’s what we get for our tax dollar we need change of government we need a new party to organize with Christian people

  9. If you have a degree here foreign countites dont use it so why and Jamaica have better teaching program

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