Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online | MSNBC 1

Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online | MSNBC


Shannon Foley-Martinez, a former violent white supremacist now working to extract others from extremist groups, says QAnon attracts people looking for a meaningful connection and a way to navigate a world that feels unsafe.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online | MSNBC


    1. @themarbleking Chine’s involuntary organ harvesting from prisoners has increased. Its a very lucrative business. The government must approve of it or it wouldnt be happening. We are not perfect far from it but at least we can talk about it with out fear of being arrested and have organs removed and then be burned alive in the hospital incenerator.

  1. Joe made me laugh so hard in response to Donnie’s comment about Q. I recommend that anyone who believes in Q should get mental health care while it lasts.

    1. @ James Ramos ..44 years spent in office doing nothing ( besides pocketing money under the table ) is not a laughing matter = how old are you , kiddo?

    2. Biden needs to get Memory Care fast–While. He. Lasts. Dementia is a fatal disease and he’s worse now than some of those I know suffering from the disease who are in Memory Care. It’s elder abuse to run this incompetent. He’s ridiculed and memed all over the internet. Demonrats have no compassion, no humanity, and no souls!

    1. It is the lack of education. Too many are getting their news from Face Book and Fox. They never read or listen to main stream media.

  2. George Carlin: “When you’re born into this world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. If you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.”

    1. @Raoul Fleckman I AM A DEMOCRAT MORON, I never voted for Trump. Always been on the left side of POLITICS MY ENTIRE LIFE. PLUS, I AM HOMIES WITH MSNBC PUNK; you are very smart, you know that?

    2. @Raoul Fleckman History — or should that be “hustory”? — repeated itself on President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed Monday. JUN 22, 2020

      Trump calls the coronavirus the ‘kung flu’ at Tulsa Oklahoma Rally.

      I KNOW WHY. Because I said.

      It’s the History, Stupid. ~ KungFlu BatSoup

      He was letting me know he got my message PUNK.

      Hm-Hm-Hm-HAH- HAHA HAHAH /cough /cough /choke /whewie /SPIT!

    3. @Pepsi Man social media, the internet and, YOUR MIND OBVIOUSLY, so if you don’t MIND. Please be mindful and mind your own business. IF YOU DON”T MIND.

  3. “I don’t know nothing much about the movement, but I like them” . That sums up the stable “genius”.

    1. It is…. Kinda scary that he gives them a pass just because they like him. How about keep it at “I don’t know enough to make a comment om it”

      Whoops. That makes too much sense.

    2. And IF that’s TRUE, it serves to PROVE that he is not paying attention to his security briefings, as this organization has been covered in the briefings as being a security threat TO THE COUNTRY!

    1. @JKD World – Why are you being so QAnal?
      WG1QTROTQWF … “Where goes one QAnus, the rest of those QAssholes will follow!” … WG1QTROTQWF

  4. The irony of their slogan being “where we go one, we go all” is that it’s exactly what a sheep would say if it could talk.

    1. @sir fulton bishop – Mrs.Clinton can’t be re-elected, even though she was actually elected prez in 2016 by a margin of 3-million votes.
      Trump was GIVEN the presidency. Therefore, Hillary can’t be “re-elected” because she is not running for prez, and Trump can’t be re-elected because “We, the people” elected Mrs.Clinton.

      Trump was GIVEN the presidency via the “welfare benefit” for terrorists in the USA Constitution , the Electoral College. Trump is the world’s biggest “welfare queen”.

  5. So what she’s saying, in a nutshell, is that these people are highly insecure and incapable of coping with any kind of change.

    1. @Ayayni ah yes. If I showed love like antifa I’d be a serial killer.
      I mean q is a little off the deep end but at least it’s just a bunch if folks talking as compared to riots of “love”

    2. All highly incapable people who are so lost and in need of connection with others, because they have had trauma….No judgements, nor broad sweeping speculations though.

  6. A bunch of my friends on facebook post extremely concerning Q stuff online. They’re not even the same people anymore. This is not who they used to be.

    1. @Ola Ogunleye im not defending or siding with saying children are under attack and it isnt a right/left issue..or it shouldnt be…

    2. @Jaqen H’ghar – In the USA, we have government agencies staffed with qualified personnel to perform those tasks. What makes you think secret coded messages from an unknown and unverified source could do a better job?
      Pedophilia has been around for millennia. What is the QAnal plan to rid the USA of pedophilia?
      Where can I get one of them-there QAnus super-secret message decoder rings?
      WG1QTROTQWF … “Where goes one QAnus, the rest of those QAssholes will follow!” … WG1QTROTQWF

    3. @Jaqen H’ghar but it’s cool to cage Mexican children and hold them hostage for two years? You’re a special kind of hypocrite.

  7. I feel like I’m watching the movie “Idiocracy”, and it’s all coming true. We should be evolving, not regresssing.

    1. @Activated Christian Evolution is a process. The architect has a plan, and evolution was the process by which the plan was put in place.

    1. Q ain’t going away. you’re talking about right now because the fake news network wants to scrub it. good luck lemmings.

    1. combined with the network and cable news false equivalency to make sure both parties remain strong. A horse race is way more lucrative to news networks. So they can take the craziest QAnon CP and use it to goad a Democrat guest. “Some are saying ….Hillary runs a child pedo ring from the basement of a pizza parlour, what is your response?”

    2. @greenbluemonkey Young Pharaoh has proof of this on his YouTube channel. Actual evidence, not just “some are saying” evidence.

    1. @k Funny you mention that book. My step dad was telling me about it. How to take over a country and turn it communist. Karl Marx I think.

    2. @k Funny you mention that book. My step dad was telling me about it. How to take over a country and turn it communist. Karl Marx I think.

    3. @Phantom Writer Yeah. It’s sad. You are watching it as we speak. Those dumb idiots in the streets, thinking they are civil right-sing, are being played, and are being led right into a trap. The idiots in the streets think they are the ones who thought this up. There are powerful forces that are just using these people’s lives as a sledgehammer to destroy America. It won’t work.

      This dude saw what was happening early:
      Here is an honest ex-BLM who saw the corruption take hold and revealed the true intentions of the “movement” : Former Black Lives Matter Ferguson Organizer, Chaziel Sunz Exposes Democrats, Antifa, BLM & More.

    4. k you know, if you are going to use outdated Cold War scare tactics, have a secret for you: Russia are still the bad guys. Trump loves Russia. Progressive activists are not pro Russia. There has not yet been a death attributed to ANTIFA. Most extremist violence in the past quarter century is right. Almost all conspiracy theories come from the right (with the exception of some anti vax or anti GMO conspiracies.) Democrats are centrist capitalists who make more concessions for safety nets than Republicans. That isn’t Communist.

  8. I find a lot of 50 and over white females that fall into that category. Their husbands and brothers and older males convince them of this fear

  9. the mothers get involved because of the children…”save the children” because of the children being in danger…well if thats the case…what about the mexican children in cages( BTW its been over two years since they’ve been caged) ….just saying

  10. Glad to see she finally realized that she was hijacked mentally and had the strength to change for the better. Most of these wackos cannot change sad to say…

  11. Imagine if Obama says that.. “I don’t know about antifa but they they are very supportive of me” lol.. this orange man can get away with absolute anything..

    1. Vincent Ramponi if it wasn’t for his presidency shield he would be in jail right now and sit amongst his lawyers and his henchmen.. I am waiting for him to be hand cuffed out of that White House. I know I have my popcorn ready for November.. it’s going to be a block buster..

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