1. Greg leigh should start If tapa know anything about football he must watch and see what he ofto do to play for that left back spot they say taxi bin playing alot so start Greg he seems confident

    1. Tappa no big Duppy Bat bro, him have him special players and a them giving away the games…this is over for us.

  2. This team is a fn jokes….. plus the overseas players playing like they don’t want to play… this would be a miracle if this team go to the world cup…. God go with you guys 🙏🙏 🙏

  3. Ofc it matter who go out there 😂😂😂 somebody take the microphone from him.. this man is clueless 😑

  4. Joke team with a clown as a coach, big embarrassment to good players like Antonio and Bailey, the team is coached like how the government run the country, need I say more?

  5. Not because u can play that no mean u have the knowledge fi coach 💯 he is garbage he know nth about coaching

  6. Jamaica has big team but the coach is stupid that even his choice of words are wrong the man say it doesn’t matter who is out there 🤦🏾‍♂️ please me a beg the Jff to fire this man and get a coach

  7. Did you guys hear what he said “it doesn’t matter who is out there” meaning he’s going to play the same players again wah wrong wid him man

  8. Never see a coach head tough like Tappa, man move like him never get any education!! Man can’t just put out his strongest team always affi a start some idiot!

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