Reggae Boyz | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 26 2021

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  1. If we had the best team in the tournament and couldn’t even make it to the Semi-finals, what good is it having the 3rd best team in qualifications? We na mek it go no World Cup

  2. Disagree, this was a horrible lost. The US team just started to play together as this is their C team and they outperformed a jamaican team who has more seasoned professionals who play at a higher level.

  3. Also a majority of reggae boyz supporters are not just upset about the lost but how amateurish our “national” team look. We were sloppy in all parts if the game and this is why many are discouraged.

  4. It’s about time They get rid of the coach and the Jamaican soccer team Should be ashamed of themselves Can someone tell me why this team cannot score One goal…🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  5. Real talk u a talk Oral Tracey ..Team need gelling …in my opinion, the team played a little good could ave been better see a few areas to work on ..We played well against Costa Rica creating chance after chance ..we played well against Usa B team because remember non of the big guns played so therefore we should ave beaten that American team …Looking at Canada and Qatar
    A world cup spot looks tough on the agenda for us Jamaica …Team has a huge potential BUT we Need a Tactical System in place in terms of a style of play …remember England loves to play long balls ..what does Jamaica love to play??? We need to see that Chemistry …

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