Reggae Boyz | TVJ Sports Commentary - Oct 7 2021 1

Reggae Boyz | TVJ Sports Commentary – Oct 7 2021


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  1. From all the 3 teams that made their first world cup appearance 98, Jamaica, Japan, Croatia, Jamaica is the only one that has has not improved since then, in fact they have gotten worse.

  2. The man has a point and he’s free to support whichever country or team he wants to. Before we beat people for not being patriotic we need to examine what patriotism has done for the individual(s). No one likes to suffer that’s why a lot of people flee their homeland for greener pastures. If he doesn’t support the Reggae Boys that’s fine because they’re not doing anything that warrants anyone’s support. Emotional wounds are some of the worst injury to be inflicted on anyone.

    1. @steave Alexander, I’m not %100 in support of your comment, it’s like everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die,, I will never support a next team,unless maybe Jamaica don’t make it,, everyone has a right to his or her opinion, but it’s patriotism for me straight

  3. Well said Maverick…supporters support, Waggonist jump on and off….On when we win and off when we lose. Get rid a dis an get rid a dat. Post game coaching at an all time high. Good luck to next 5000 coaches being recommended by the fans.

  4. I had the same thought after seeing the two teams play last night. I will be supporting Mexico at the world cup from CONCACAF because the Reggae Boyz won’t be at the world cup. Nuff jamaicans support france and spain and germanay and all them sides…

  5. Can you blame the guy, how can you support a team who always under performs. I have a hard time seeing Jamaica beating any of those teams look how Canada is improving and look at Jamaica

  6. Mr mav, I love my country Jamaica,,but it’s hard to accept the present JFF crew, they irk me out when I see them traveling with the team, & the poor decisions they make etc, I strongly feel that they are the problem why the team is not playing up to standard, based on the fact that they are the major part of why the Antonio,the grant,& the Morrison are not more consistent in the team, anyway, with respect to my country & patriotism, I will support Jamaica to the end,,

  7. It’s a very good team but we play isolated foot ball we need more passing option in the games the awareness is very low marking without the ball and playing without the ball is letting us down we lack thecinal movements a system of playing would help us more we must play direct foot ball we look better passing the ball around patients is our main factor in the game

  8. KMT I have been watching Jamaican football from in the 80s and I’m tired of this garbage, every dam year is the same thing. Jamaica never produce no more then 2 r 3 quality player every generation.

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