Reggae Boyz | TVJ Sports Commentary - Sept 9 2021 1

Reggae Boyz | TVJ Sports Commentary – Sept 9 2021


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  1. Local players? Red stripe premier league still a play in Jamaica? If it’s not then what can the local players do

  2. We have the players, (overseas and local) just need a better coach. We draw a game & everybody a celebrate kmt. We play like sh*t in the first half, a just the players pride mek we get bk in the game because we was still playing the same formation. Still feel like we can make it to the world cup.

  3. Some people a rebel against tappa, why not rebel against the players,especially the players who getting tons of chances & only scoring just 1. Score even half or a 3rd of the chances & the game automatically will flow, defenders will be afraid, & once they are afraid that’s the 1st sign of defeat #🇯🇲reggae boys wc 2022

  4. People its the government, JFF, Jamaica Premier league, all football clubs, medical staff at all levels, coaches, referees/linesman, stadiums/playing areas, equipment used in games and video coverage of games, that needs to be changed for Jamaica to ever qualify for the world cup again. We will not make it or improve for further future at all cause we still stuck using the same people and equipment from 1998. While all the other Caribbean countries and countries in Concacaf are improving their football system, the governing bodies, their football pitches, equipment for cover of their football matches, equipment for their players, their refereeing and linesman are improving, their stadiums, their knowledge of football, their medical staff at all levels off football and last but not least the overall support has increased for those countries. While countries like Jamaica, USA and Mexico keep thinking that the other countries are not getting better when the are little by little. Look at Mexico and USA now they barely have players who can win them games cause they didn’t change until recently. They were both using the same football structure that brought the success over the years, and not realizing that every chance you get to improve something structurally for the football in their nations, will improve the overall success of the nation. Not waiting until all your players are 30 plus to start using teenagers 18 plus in the team. Getting more game time for those teenagers to add them year by year to the team so when the world cup comes around they would know how to play with each other and the senior members. Improve the pitches in the country one at a time we have 14 parishes we should have 14 proper pitches to use for football even if the stands around the pitches are not proper.

  5. The talent is there but we don’t have a coach we have best goalkeeper best left-back we best Center off one of the best right Wing back no Midfield no Striker give Usain Bolt a try

  6. The man right, just like how some of we don’t want the UK born jamaican baller dem in the team.
    A same so the local player in the team feels, that they don’t need them either in the team,

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