Reggae Veterans Drop Albums Today l

NEW YORK, NY, Tues. April 21, 2009: Two of Jamaica`s top reggae singers, Denroy Morgan and Sizzla are both set to release new albums today.

Morgan launches his `musical ministry` with his latest release Theocracy Reign, in stores today, April 21 on the Asaph Records label distributed through VP Records. This 14 song selection features Denroy Morgan, Morgan Heritage, LMS, Glenda Phillips-Lee (Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church) and Clifford Branch on piano.

Sizzla Kalonji also releases his latest album on the Greensleeves Records label today. Ghetto Youth-Ology serves up an array of blissful roots songs entirely produced and backed by The Firehouse Crew, Sizzla’s live tour band.

This 15 track LP brings the prolific singjay back to his essence – chanting truths & rights over Firehouse Crew’s solid live riddims. He covers the 101 and 102 of Ghetto Youth-ology — addressing flawed socioeconomic issues on the first single `Ghetto Youths Dem A Suffer` and uplifting youths during their most formative years on inspirational ballads like `Gwaan Bear,` `Hey Youths` and `Future Is Yours.`  He also adds to the ever expanding repertoire of reggae tributes dedicated to Barack Obama on `Black Man In The White House.` Then he pours out his heart on lover tunes like `I’m Loving You` and `What I’m I To Do` featuring Conradine `Connie` Campbell.

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