Regulating ‘Hurry Come Up Pastors in Jamaica | TVJ Smile Jamaica 1

Regulating ‘Hurry Come Up Pastors in Jamaica | TVJ Smile Jamaica

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  1. Looking on all the singers now,as you start singing a song them start calling themselves pastors and or ministers,total madness

  2. Full time now them start pay tax, unuh rape and rob poor people literally and them pocket for so long now…

  3. Which school the any of the 12 disciples went to, what was the name of the church that Jesus was head of or created?

    1. @ New Haven CT they are the ultimate scammers .Many of them end up with mansions, and private jets while their followers live in squalor.

  4. Check out the state of the world we are living in at the moment. How is this mighty church helping?

    1. There are numerous churches who are actively feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing shelter for the homeless, etc. It is not the church’s responsibility to fix what the world has broken.

    2. @Millie P exactly, God punish people for disobedience. They want God to fix everything but they don’t need God in their life.

  5. 1john 2:27….ye not need not that any man teach you. The holy spirit is enough.
    Just exercise caution and wisdom.

  6. God makes profits not mankind and he put reverence with in the heart of man and his laws for them to act according to his words. But because of the love of putting ourselves before first God, makes us Disobedient towards him and his words it Bring corruption and confusion to our soul. You will never have a good profit until you put God first not yourselves. Pastor Gino Jennings his a good Pastor. Blessed to my brothers and sisters.

  7. Whether established or “hurry come up,” you will always have people running a foul of the law. Let the law then takes its course. The Bible speaks about wolf in sheep garment. People need to place Jesus on a pedestal, not pastors. Alot of these hurry come up have been disbanded from established churches because of their corrupt behavior and then they pitch tent. People be careful of these one man band pastors. You cant report their ungodly practices to an established church system until they break a law of the land.

  8. Can I say most of the Pastors that commit crime etc and being exposed are those that are trained and attached to certain body of church(organization).They are not lead by the holy ghost.

  9. “It is written,” he said to them, “’ My house will be called a house of prayer,’ but you are making it a den of robbers.’” Matthew 21;13 “Many are called but few are chosen” in Matthew 22:14

  10. Too much politics has come into the church and myself as a pastor have all rights to say what i am,and whenni was living in Jamaica all these names he mentioned i have my run ins with them directly or indirectly…..

  11. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere-in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” acts 1 verse 8 one doesn’t need a piece of paper, to preach, they need to know their God. It is endtime and the heart of man is desperately wicked, Pastors are human too. just deal with them accordingly.

  12. Governments are Plagued so much Dishonesty.

  13. This man seems to be a busy man, not a man of God. Which man of God in the bible has a certificate, the holy spirit teach you, you will always have false prophets.

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