Reid: If This Was A BLM Protest, 'There Would Already Be People Shackled, Arrested Or Dead' | MSNBC 1

Reid: If This Was A BLM Protest, ‘There Would Already Be People Shackled, Arrested Or Dead’ | MSNBC


Joy Reid compares the strikingly different police response when it comes to Black protesters versus today's rioters. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Reid: If This Was A BLM Protest, 'There Would Already Be People Shackled, Arrested Or Dead' | MSNBC


    1. There’s no way blacks would have gotten anywhere near those steps! Police are very aggressive when dealing with black and hispanic protesters.

    1. @Tunguska stop commenting ignorant crap like that. You don’t even know what that means. You are too ignorant and lazy to study it either

    2. These police departments are basically weapons for the white supremacist in the US. Law and order really applies you minorities but not to white communities. In white communities you see an entitlement you will never see in prominently black neighborhoods

  1. YES YES Joy preach the truth young lady every black person feels the same way if it was black people oh lord help us all! Smh

    1. What de fu.. sadly are you nuts. There should have been at least a few hundreds to be exact! Preferably more but you know, im moderate. If blacks they would have still been busy carrying the bodies away. Sadly my as..

    1. @horacio Flores Is that all the trumpy knew to comment after his buddies committed a terrorist act? “Boo hoo shugga”? This could be the extent of his vocabulary.

    1. No, she oversimplified the events and made some very poor unfounded comparisons. She is one of the more sickening figures on TV.

    2. The insight she just provide cast a light and shadow over the preferential, bias, protectionism experienced by whites that continues to subjugate, marginalize, disparage, and dehumanize blacks seeking justice in the obvious face of injustice and illegal acts perpetrated continually against my community is appalling to say the least but the toleration of these activities that was met with minimal force is sickening and disturbing. I will never come to know such privileges in this great land of ours and for those that know it live it breathe it and dismiss it as something else while it was broadcasted before our eyes is either a fool or playing one!!!

    3. @James Paul What you said is false. The terrrorists who stormed the Capital were let go by the Capital Police. The Capital Police even held the door open for those terrorists to leave the capital Building freely without being arrested. If people of color had done the same thing these White supremacists had done today there would be many dead people of color and hundreds of people in color in jail. @James Paul you will not acknowledge that reality that Joy Reid spoke about and thats why the mob of terrorists could get away with doing what they did in the capital on 1/6/2021

    1. @Jay Spence …did this comment make you feel good about yourself? If so, you need better ways to raise your self esteem. Grow up

    2. If only saying it will make a difference, smh. Everyone knows what she said is true. Black or white, cop or civilian – we all know. Yet it persists…

    3. It persist because we as a people let it and that’s why applaud what them white folks did they just showing us what we need to be doing as an people, so I’m mad…

  2. Those cops taking selfies with the mob should be fired immediately and treated like one of the mob and arrested!!!!

    1. @CHRISTOPHER C They’re both armed racist white men, how are they different from each other? hah not so unbelievable

    1. @Sherri Pie “removed”? No they should be arrested for aiding and abetting these terrorists in their assault on the capitol

  3. Trump has gone to far, every rep. Who helped bring this should be arrested starting with trump

    1. I don’t blame the cops that had to “fall back”, what choice did those 5 or 6 Federal officers have when confronted by the “mob”?
      The ones taking “selfies”, now that’s a completely different story!!

  4. That’s why the capitol was breached with no security in sight. According to Trump 10 years for anyone who damage federal property let’s see

    1. I remember that- about the statues. I think the next administration will be prosecuting these crimes though. But we’ll see…

    2. Trump sent national guard to oregon claiming the protesters will damage federal building, cos trump see oregon as blue state and what about black lives matter match and protest ,the same ,cops were hunting them down ,but here they were tearing our liberty House apart and no one did nothing, people die ,no arrest ,I mean where do I begin with the injustice comming from those who supposed to be the protector of our freedom ,liberty and the nation in genaral.

  5. If anyone needed a clearer definition of “white privilege”…here it is. Laid bare, clear as day for all to witness.

    1. It’s as plain as the nose on my face. No one can close these eyes and pretend “white privilege” doesn’t exist.

    2. Now the whole world can see this for themselves from the youngest to the oldest this being going on since Day one. Sorry that lady Vet got killed but the men involved should all receive the same punishment no questions asked guilty

    1. Someone said never attribute to malice what is adequately explain by incompetence. But you’re right. They had to know this was a possibility and their lack of preparation is evidence of complicity.

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