Rejected – Claims about Pathways | Massive Gas Leak in Hanover | Midday News – Nov 10 2021

Rejected - Claims about Pathways | Massive Gas Leak in Hanover | Midday News - Nov 10 2021 1


  1. Seem like that name “PATHWAY” going to rest with Jamaica for a very long time tho… Couldn’t they find another name🤷

  2. I understand totally about the choice of name isn’t it like JCTE where the “smart” man went and registered a company with the same name besides that issue with the cult pastor is very telling. This lady acting as P.S appears to be more abreast and sensible than Grace McClean…..Grace need to resign and go home….PORT ROYAL PERHAPS LIKES GRACE WITH HOUSES AND BUSES….AND STUDENTS.

  3. ‘Pathways’ an unfortunate choice of words, given what transpired in Albion, St James, recently. Sixth Form is a delay strategy to keep graduates away from being “unattached” a little longer.

  4. Constitutional changes is needed, no matter who is put into these positions they are going to make it beneficial for themselves and their friends, this is the politics of scarce benefits an political spoils.

  5. So she asked the SAME BOARD TO REPORT ON ITSELF? You would think these persons have basic COMMON SENSE….Someone wants the station to buy or they are trying to use this smoke screen as “leaking”. They are trying to dig up the TANK or trying to acquire it. Let us see. This is how these BIG BOYS PLAY especially when they want your PROPERTY AND CANT GET IT

  6. I believe I was the only one having problem with the word pathways when I hear the name pathways it spells trouble

  7. I am asking the house also to past a law that father’s will be force to support their children until they start working

    1. Been saying this! Same as how they want to pass law for DNA at birth which i support 100%. The dead beat fathers should also be put on child support once determined to be the father.

  8. I am an active member of my school parent body and we have never heard of or have been invited to any consultation for this program. Only heard of it on the news. All lies from these politicians and technocrats as usuall.

  9. One should not have to answer any question that is under investigation by any of the Commissions of Parliament. That’s ridiculous, not to mention a waste of time and many times will only lead to political bantering.

  10. Paternity tests should not be mandated; it would be rather intrusive in that case. Tests should continue to be a personal choice.

  11. Pepper spray should be legal in JA. More women ought to get firearms training and pack a pistol if you can handle the responsibility.

  12. This is the problem with Jamaica. Look at this very dangerous situation in Hanover. We, do not have a healthy and Safety Executive if we did this situation would never happen in Hanover. These tanks that fuel is stored in and all pipe work must be inspected frequently also there is shelf life for these to be replaced.

  13. There was no direct consultation with parents. The parent representatives can only make report in general on the views of the everage parent. However, too often some are influenced in view of popular desires/intentions. A mandatory 6th form program will cause challenges to a large percentage of students who simply do not need higher education through a mandatory sixth form program. First, the program already on the ground will not evolve as a result of a “mandatory lable”. Secondly, it is a good initiative that we should simply make avaible in all high schools. If made mandatory, it will become a roadblock for some students. It is already evident that many students who under the cxc level program could qualify for many opportunities such as college/UNI and some type of training based employment. If made mandatory, students will be considered unqualified/ not completed high school education and miss life altering opportunities . Unlike ours, students in most other english speaking countries will continue to benefit more and at faster rates than our students because they qualify at 5th form while ours become hard ripened in a mandatory 6th form program. Moreover, there are other far reaching adverse effects that will most likely take place as students will become a part of the nation’s work force. In tandem with this the country’s economy will also be affected having students make a slower transition into the work force. GDP in the average home will dramatically decrease requiring parents to maintain 2-3 additional years of education and for many parents this will be so during relative to abject poverty. As a parent representative of a particular school in Jamaica, I believe that the nature of this decision requires direct response from parents at least through written survey study in order to tailor this initiative to as many students who desires and will benefit to go through sixth form; not a report from parent representatives communicating average views only. It will not work as a mandatory measure.

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