Relief to Water Crisis in Portland Coming | Green Clothing Criticized by PNP Protestor

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    1. So true jamaica people need to stop this orange and green ting on when one side in an not doing good get them out

  1. Portland gets more rain than any other parish in Jamaica so why should we have a water problem? We shouldn’t be needing trucking with contaminated water. That can’t flush toilet causing ghysical health problems. What do the NWC do with all that rainfall during the rainy seasons? Yet we are still getting massive bills

    1. @Gloria Thompson  Good point. And the government should be supplying pumps also. People suffer so much just for a commodity God made for free.😞

  2. What is wrong with these Government ministers why do they have to blame something all apart from themselves. Here we are Matthew Samuda blaming the drought. I thought it is his job to do something about the NWC. It is an entity which is under performing, therefore, the managers and Directors of this entity needs to be dismiss. Mr Samuda you as a minister it cannot be you want the authority and not the responsibility. Authority and responsibility goes hand in hand. You Sir are under performing in this portfolio. For a young minister you need to have a good look and understand what is you job.

    1. He isn’t God. Drought and conservation are valid arguments. Sometimes there’s only so much one can do with a long-broken system. While there is room for improvement, he has been accomplishing much more than given credit for.

      It isn’t an easy task, considering our country has such a complex network of communities/and land topography, don’t you agree? But I agree with you that these entities need to be held accountable.

  3. I have to buy water a 650tank7000 and a barrel 1000 and they hardly want to go up where I live

  4. After a woman have a baby sometime the mothers goes through a depression in with the mothers needs medical help

  5. The little girl that was raped in the hospital was one day talk but the matter concerned the journalist and the PNP is tea breakfast and dinner.
    How we think Jesus sees us .
    Jamaica needs Jesus not politicians.

    1. the government of Jamaica is nt living Jamaica…we have too much rain fall for nt having a dam catching..all them rain water ..that going back into the sea

  6. How much longer will teachers deal with disrespect, decreased pay and a cup and pen from JTA to do what would get you paid better elsewhere? All who love Jamaica, does Jamaica love you back?

    1. Yest they give judges 100% salary increase. They are tellibg teachers they do not respect or value you guys. The judges however can be influenced to do their bidding now after giving them that increase.

  7. I condemn all violence against woman,but worse than that going on in the country but some media house not doing theirs follow up journalist work

    1. @tedda i want to bax you for talking the truth,why did that person wear that colour even though you’re supposed to be free to wear what you want but i think that’s total provocation,that person went there looking for trouble that could cause her life

  8. Sometimes it’s babies who are having babies who do this. Additionally, there are all ‘sorts’ of crimes being committed against our youngsters. Young woman, or not, it is a sad situation any way you look at it. The fact that the bag was hung up on something tells me that someone was hoping that the child would be found. Thank the Lord she was found and helped!🙏🏽🙏🏽💝

    I pray that the infant grows up in a loving, well-balanced home. I am choosing not to judge the mother, in this instance. Who knows what situation she is in, or even if she was forced to do this by a parent or the father…

  9. The journalist should not have worn any color aligned to any party this is conflict of interest they should be neutral for safety reasons.

    1. So journalists must have a traveling wardrobe, they just change based on where they are going. We need political maturity

  10. Government really useless a rainy parish have water crisis The worse affected parishes rainy parish spring And rivers plenty wuklist And representative

  11. Should be a shame for lack of interest in people lifestyle Portland has so much rivers wat is this vase is also moving water 💧 from one community to another all the way in black Hill 😂

  12. Global warming is real people, we need to put in place policies and procedures to protect our water areas and water tables.

  13. This anchor should be permanent or the others should take a page. Seamless in her delivery and such a pleasant smile.

  14. I would love to adopt that baby girl…they didn’t state what agency to contact or how to start the process ❤

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