1. When U believe in the QURAN life is shorter than offen. 99.7% pilot error. Love DEATH when U no where your going. If U don’t HELL is waiting and loves U

  2. They were all professionals, students, doctors, researchers….this is such a below to Canada. My condolences to families, colleagues, friends 💔

  3. The goatlovers/ illuminatie always reproduce the same trick-reality. They lost inginiouty, they’ve lost intelligence, to really Create. They are stale/ dead of soul and Energie.

  4. They don’t look Canadian, actually most Canadians can’t afford to fly anywhere these days cuz we have high taxes and huge heating bills and unwanted guests to pay for.

  5. One youtuber died on this plane. She was one of my favourite.
    Rip everyone who died. I am crying 😭

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