Remembering The Tulsa Massacre 100 Years Later 1

Remembering The Tulsa Massacre 100 Years Later


MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross, Chair of the Greater Tulsa African-American Affairs Commission Kristi Williams, and author of “The Ground Breaking” Scott Ellsworth join Joy to discuss the 1921 Tulsa massacre, and what’s happened since.
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    1. @Brian Jones yet you are nostalgic about apartied. Which was no different from Jim Crow.

    2. @Brian Jones actually my dad was born and raised in south africa in durbin… swing and a miss champ.

    3. @robert hollingsworth It worked better for South Africa because it was a national system. The South never had that kind of support from the federal govt

    4. @Brian Jones you proud of the way whites went to South Africa with a Bible and took the Black man’s land! Wow! You’re an evil bird!

  1. Nullification. It is the means to the ends and the ends to the means. These people are no better than Hitler, trying to annihilate another people by denying their existence…..nullification. The core of inhumanity is to deny another’s existence.

  2. The same racism that led the MN police’s original report on George Floyd to say he died of “medical complications” is the same racism that doesn’t teach the Tulsa massacre in school.

    1. @Brian JonesMinor was when the South lost the Civil War, Blue States really don’t acknowledge it or those grotesque statues.

    2. @P1 Smith We call it the war of northern aggression down here and you don’t have to acknowledge our statues, they aren’t for you

    3. @Brian Jones The South were the traitors, just like the Red States are now, enough really changes.

  3. And now the official ceremony in Tulsa has been called off due to unspecified problems with guest speakers and entertainers. Pretty sad

  4. Looks like America was a far earlier proponent of ‘racial purity’ than Germany in it’s heyday during the Second World War (Hint, white supremacists – they ultimately lost, but only after driving their own country into the ground.)

    1. 100%. The Nazis, themselves said they modeled the laws they initially used to oppress Jews, on Jim Crow laws

    2. Big difference between wanting to keep a countries natural population intact and ethnic cleansing

  5. The story must be suppressed in order to keep the false narrative that Black people have never produced anything or built anything.

  6. Went to school in Tulsa for grade 5 till 9 ,never ever heard about these riots,shouldn’t it be taught in schools??

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